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Advanced Persistent Errata – Defending The Castle Part 1

February 23, 2010 from: AEON Security Blog

Cross-Posted from the AEON Security Blog: In today’s blog entry, I bring to you: “Advanced Persistent Errata – Defending The Castle;” in other words, “Blocking ANYONE you damn well choose to block.” 

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Hacking the US Government Is Cheap – Costwise

December 21, 2009 from: AEON Security Blog

Anyone who follows information security news is probably wondering this week: “What in the hell is up with security in this country”. At least for those of us living in the United States, this should of been the statement of choice.

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Risky business: Remote Desktop opened the door for Aloha hackers

November 25, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

When nine restaurants in Louisiana and Mississippi filed lawsuits against Radiant Systems and its Louisiana distributor, they may have represented only the tip of a substantial iceberg of hacks affecting restaurants that used Radiant Systems’ Aloha POS system.  It seems that the scope of the problem is first coming to the public’s attention approximately one and a half years after...

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