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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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With all the talk about cloud computing I thought it would be interesting to post this article. It turns out you can create a single chassis that contains around 67 terabytes in it for $7,867. That’s pretty incredible, and most interestingly, if you follow the link, you’ll see the cost breakdown compared with other alternatives which it pretty much blows away. It almost doesn’t make any cost sense to outsource your storage to the cloud with those cost savings. It really can be cheaper to bring it in house.

Now there are some down-sides, and they primarily have to do with high availability. There’s a good article explaining some of the potential downsides although id told me, “port multiplier doesn’t matter there, even 2-1 oversubscribed they are fine for doing what they are meant to” so take the criticism with a grain of salt and do your own fact checking. Either way, the cost savings are so dramatic, this could be an evolutionary step and I bet things will get a lot more solid down the road to elevate the issues of availability. So it might be premature to jump into this kind of storage for those massive databases you’re supporting, but given a little time and increased density I bet this technology makes a huge difference in cost down the road.

As a side note, for you people who were around for a while, I did some quick math - it would take just north of 46.5 billion floppies to equal that one 4U box. Also, as a fun fact most smart-cell phones these days are faster than the machine that we started on. Amazing how times have changed!

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Jon Stout Greater data store is important but, speaking as a small company, we cut our support costs (from using our own servers and vpns) by $4,000 per month and our downtime yo almost zero.