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Dr. InfoSec's Quotes of the Week (002)

June 30, 2010 Added by:Christophe Veltsos

"The software industry is really one of the only organizations where you can knowingly build a defective product and push it out to a potential buyer and the buyer assumes all the risk." -- Jerry Davis, CISO for NASA

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Organizational Security: Is Your Door Wide Open?

June 29, 2010 Added by:Katie Weaver-Johnson

Last Tuesday at about 2:00 AM, I woke up to the doorbell ringing and knocking on our front door. While I was initially a little startled, my next thought was, “Why isn’t our ferocious guard dog barking?”

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The Cost For Securing Your Data vs. The Cost to Replace Your Data

June 25, 2010 Added by:Allan Pratt, MBA

Computer security has been part of my best practices since I purchased my first computer way back in 1995 and experienced the Internet for the first time. All of my home systems are always protected with host-based IDS, software backups, and regular maintenance. However, I had a “wow” computer security moment recently.

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New Federal Cyber Security Work Group

June 23, 2010 Added by:Richard Stiennon

A few weeks ago I participated in a cyber roundtable pulled together in Washington DC. This was, in part, a meeting to kick off a new organization that will seek to bring security technologists and policy makers together.  (Much more on this at a later date). 

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Why Simple Can Be Secure

June 23, 2010 Added by:Bryan Miller

I'm often asked why security has to be so expensive. A lot of my time is spent preaching to clients about the need for increased security. Every day brings another new vulnerability to our computing infrastructure. Hardly a day goes by when we are not bombarded with headlines claiming that another famous company has been hacked, or that our credit card numbers have been stolen by anonymous cyber t...

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Battling the Information Security Paradox

June 22, 2010 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Information security is still not garnering appropriate attention from the executive level at some of the largest companies in the world, many of whom are engaged in business activity considered critical to the nation's infrastructure.

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Dr. InfoSec's Quotes of the Week (001)

June 21, 2010 Added by:Christophe Veltsos

In this issue, the Economics of Targeted Attacks, Bonnie, Clyde & Cybercrime, Privacy & Internet, Password & Lemons and other great infosec quotes from around the world.

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Embracing a Security Audit

June 21, 2010 Added by:Bryan Miller

In the April 2004 edition of Information Security magazine, George Wrenn writes about "Surviving an Audit". In the article he gives advice from a client's perspective on how to best work with an auditing team, whether the team is internally or externally based. Mr. Wrenn provides many good tips on how to gain the most benefit from a security audit, and most important on what to do after ...

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Social Media Policy

June 21, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

A humourous look at the realities in many organizations surrounding Social Media and the associated security risks and policy decisions.

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Neural Network vs. Terrorist Financing?

June 20, 2010 Added by:Michael O'Connor

Historically, to facilitate money laundering criminals opened a legitimate business as a cover, and then used the business account to deposit and legitimize large sums of money. Large deposits into accounts were routinely overlooked by banking institutions and law enforcement alike.

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DOJ on an Effective FCPA Compliance Program

June 19, 2010 Added by:Thomas Fox

At the recent Compliance Week 2010 Annual Conference one of the issues discussed by Assistant Attorney General, for the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice, Lanny Breuer, was what the Department of Justice (DOJ) might consider as an “effective compliance and ethics program” under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), if a FCPA violation occurs and a company’s compliance pro...

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A Cynics guide to Infosec Consultancy

June 18, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

So you want to be an infosec consultant? If you’re like most guys, its better you consider a career in risk management or audit. Or maybe you’ve already got some variation of “security” in your job title but are stuck in a rut. Results are coming slowly and career progression is almost non-existent. What you need is a dose of cynic motivation to deliver a swift kick in the ...

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Invitation to Webinar on Data-Centric Security

June 18, 2010 Added by:Eli Talmor

This presentation will discuss data-centric security solutions for online transaction using browser channel, such as banking transfers, ecommerce purchases, insurance claims filings, healthcare drug prescriptions and Internet voting.

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Is the U.S. prepared for cyber war or are we sitting ducks?

June 17, 2010 Added by:Ron Lepofsky

Last night Pres Obama made a  speech  to the nation about the BP oil spill.  One of his three central points dealt with preventing a future oil spill disaster.  Today the President  told BP to allocate billions of dollars to reimburse those who suffered as the result of BP’s oil spill. Perhaps now is the time to take similar action and allocate funds and sticks to pr...

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Most overhyped security

June 16, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

Whether you call it security theatre or just a sales pitch that sets expectations too high. We've had lots of products and processes that have claimed to increase security only to contain enough hot air to propel one of Richard Bransons baloons across the world.

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Surviving Cyberwar Published

June 15, 2010 Added by:Richard Stiennon

After a five month period of editing, indexing, and finally printing, Surviving Cyberwar has been published by Government Institutes, an imprint of Scarecrow Press, a division of the Rowman and Littlefield company.

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