UK Declares Cybercrime Growing Threat

October 20, 2010 Added by:Simon Heron

It is interesting that the UK Government seems to be taking the threat of cybercrime more seriously now, especially when you consider the spending review currently underway. Let’s hope that action is taken as a result of the strategy and that it is long term and persistent...

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Should US Apply Cold War Doctrines to Cyber War?

October 18, 2010 Added by:Dan Dieterle

Where many times cyber attacks are more espionage related, they could turn deadly if power, telecommunications or infrastructure is damaged in a large city. Civil security, medical and food supply could be the heaviest hit...

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UK National Security Strategy Published

October 18, 2010 Added by:Mark Gardner

The UK Government published their National Security Strategy. This placed hostile attacks upon UK cyberspace by other states and large scale cybercrime on the same level as International Terrorism, and International Military threats...

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Reining In Enterprise Mobile Computing Risks

October 07, 2010 Added by:Rebecca Herold

As demonstrated over and over again over the past several years, mobile computing devices and storage media present a huge risk to business and personal information. It is vital that an effective mobile computing device and storage media security and privacy management program is in place...

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Consumerization of IT and Enterprise Evolution

October 05, 2010 Added by:Phil Agcaoili

We have a problem with new disruptive technology and we need to treat all endpoint systems as hostile. New consumer technology that's brought into the workplace (a trend known as consumerization of IT), the consumer use of free or low-cost cloud services for the connected online life, and the enterprise shift towards the cloud for vertical business applications are rapidly affecting the way worker...

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On Security and Motivation

October 04, 2010 Added by:Javvad Malik

There probably aren’t many companies who practice good security just for the sake of security. Security is driven by other objectives such as trying to impress another company so as to win business, because the regulators told them they had to, or because a rival company had just been breached...

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Are You Using Deprecated Security Guidelines?

September 29, 2010 Added by:Jamie Adams

Whether you adhere strictly to a particular set of industry standards or define your own security policies based on industry standards, you must be able to assess your server OSs on a regular basis and provide proof that they meet security requirements...

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How Many Information Security Staff Do We Need?

September 26, 2010 Added by:Kurt Aubuchon

The right number of information security staff is highly sensitive to the nature of the business and the regulatory environment, or perhaps because the information security discipline is less mature than IT infrastructure, there just aren’t very many good benchmarks out there...

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Pentagon Considers Preemptive Strikes as Cyberdefense

September 17, 2010 Added by:Theresa Payton

Safety & privacy - they can coexist but there is a healthy tension. Sometimes we give up privacy to be secure. Sometimes we guard our privacy and knowingly or unknowingly give up some of our security. It's a true conundrum. How much privacy are we willing to give up for that safety?

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Strategies for Quality in Software Development

September 01, 2010 Added by:Rahul Neel Mani

Dr. Bill Curtis, Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) and the co-author of Capability Maturity Model (CMM), in an email interview with Geetaj Channana, talks about the need for standards in software development...

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What CXOs Fail to Grasp about Enterprise Security

August 10, 2010 Added by:Richard Stiennon

Government regulations and outside auditors have tremendously distracting effects on IT security people. They got into security because they like the day to day battle with bad guys- the technical challenge of securing networks and applications. They did not sign up for endless meetings and paper work...

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School Directors Face Background Checks

August 07, 2010 Added by:Robert Siciliano

A new bill in New Jersey would disqualify school board members from serving if they’ve been convicted of serious crimes. Further, it would require them to pay for the cost to get background checks themselves or with campaign money...

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Congress Proposes Sales Tax For Internet Sales

August 04, 2010 Added by:Michael Volkov

So far, 23 states have adopted streamlined tax systems to collect taxes and generate revenues, RILA said. Critics of the change argue closing the loophole on purchases made over the Internet would mean a tax increase for Americans...

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10 Reasons for Ongoing Policy and Procedure Management

July 28, 2010 Added by:Katie Weaver-Johnson

Based on lessons learned and today's highly litigious, increasingly-regulated and safety-oriented society, it is critical for organizational policies and procedures to be clearly defined and communicated...

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Beyond Due Diligence - A Guide for Business

July 14, 2010 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

If your organization approaches due diligence as a measure of the minimum effort and expense required to satisfy conventional norms, your organization is woefully unprepared to navigate a rapidly changing business landscape...

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Internet Security Alliance Briefs White House

July 12, 2010 Added by:Marjorie Morgan

ISA was a major participator in the development of the "Cyber Space Policy Review." The very first source cited in the Review is the ISA Social Contract for Cyber Security and the Executive Summary both begins and ends by citing the ISA...

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