Adobe Issued a Significant Update for Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat

May 14, 2015 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

Adobe issued an update to fix 52 flaws in Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat products, that fortunately aren’t being publicly exploited in the wild.

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VENOM Bug Poison to Virtual Environments, Not Bigger Than Heartbleed: Experts

May 14, 2015 Added by:Brian Prince

Perhaps it is not surprising that any time a critical new bug appears comparisons to other notorious bugs come soon after.

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Top Ten List of Most Exposed Software

May 12, 2015 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Oracle Java, Apple QuickTime, and Adobe Reader lead the pack for the top ten most exposed software in the U.S., according to a new regional-based study of vulnerable and unpatched software deployed on PCs.

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Embracing Cyber Resilience in Today's Cyber-Enabled World

May 06, 2015 Added by:Steve Durbin

Organizations function in a progressively cyber-enabled world today and traditional risk management isn’t nimble enough to deal with the risks from activity in cyberspace. Enterprise risk management needs to be extended to create risk resilience, built on a foundation of preparedness.

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5 Ways Schools Can Upgrade Cyber Security

May 06, 2015 Added by:Paul Lipman

Today’s cyber criminals are more aggressive than ever before in their quest to achieve financial gains through hacking. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that our nation's schools are a prime target for such attacks. In this article, iSheriff CEO Paul Lipman highlights the five actions that can be taken to upgrade cyber security practices.

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Serious Security Flaws Found in Hospira LifeCare Drug Pumps

May 06, 2015 Added by:Eduard Kovacs

Researchers have identified several critical vulnerabilities in Hospira LifeCare patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion systems, which can be exploited by a remote attacker to take complete control of affected devices.

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Scenario-based Training for Nuclear Power Plants Based on Actual Nuclear Plant Cyber Incidents

May 06, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

There have been more than 500 actual control system cyber incidents globally in multiple industries. The impacts have ranged from trivial to significant environmental releases to significant equipment damage to major cyber-related outages to deaths. Most of the incidents were not malicious and the vast majority were not identified as cyber.

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Flaws in WordPress eCommerce Plugin Expose Over 5,000 Websites

April 30, 2015 Added by:Eduard Kovacs

Researchers at High-Tech Bridge have identified several vulnerabilities in TheCartPress, an eCommerce plugin installed on more than 5,000 WordPress websites.

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The Cost of a Non-Malicious Control System Cyber Incident – More Than $1Billion

April 14, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

There is a tendency by many in the cyber security community to only care about malicious cyber attacks as opposed to unintentional cyber incidents.

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Cybersecurity Trends for SMBs: Mobile, Security and the Cloud

April 10, 2015 Added by:Paul Lipman

While SMBs are vulnerable to many of the same types of attacks as the companies making headlines (Target, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Anthem, etc.), they must defend themselves with vastly smaller IT teams and budgets. SMBs are finding they have a unique set of challenges and vulnerabilities that require a comprehensive but tailored approach to security.

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It's Time to Change the Way We Think About the Internet

April 09, 2015 Added by:Peter Zavlaris

The current problem, however, is that while IT has scaled and made tremendous advancements over the last decade, security continues to lag behind.

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Control System Cyber Incidents and Why They are so Often Overlooked

April 09, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

Cyber security is now a very hot subject. However, the discussions are about IT cyber security and data breaches not control system cyber security and equipment damage.

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ICS Cyber Incidents – What Relevant Information Actually Exists?

April 02, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

There is a need to use the knowledge from previous control system cyber incidents when developing cyber forensics and monitoring technologies, cyber security technologies, training, and to adjust requirements such as the NERC CIPs, Regulatory Guide 5.71/NEI-0809, and CFATS to address what has actually been happening.

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Compromised WordPress Sites Launch Drive-by Attacks Off Pirate Bay Clone

April 01, 2015 Added by:Malwarebytes

WordPress, the leading Content Management System, is one of cyber criminals’ favourite target when it comes to hacking websites.

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Should Infosec Professionals Hack To Understand the Mind of the Attacker?

March 31, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

To anticipate where and how an attacker might strike next, security professionals are realizing the importance of being able to understand the mind of the attacker and what they value in a target.

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The Government Says It Has a Policy on Disclosing Zero-Days, But Where Are the Documents to Prove It?

March 30, 2015 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Despite the White House’s claim that it had “reinvigorated” its policies in spring 2014 and “established a disciplined, rigorous and high-level decision-making process for vulnerability disclosure,” none of the documents released in response to our lawsuit appear to be newer than 2010.

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