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Fifty Shades of Grey Hat: Hacking and Ethics

September 19, 2012 Added by:Tripwire Inc

The grey hat is more interested in the “how” than the “why”. There is a respect for the black hat's technical abilities, while keeping a wary eye on them. Some grey hats have had run ins with the law, not due to being malicious, but because curiosity got the best of them...

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Top Hats For Everyone!

September 11, 2012 Added by:Jim Palazzolo

If you give public attention to your adversary, the stronger they get. We keep using terms like “Hacker” and “Black Hat”. I understand the need to classify the behavior. However, are we inadvertently giving individuals too much inherited power by recognizing them in context and connotation?

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The Color of Intent

May 17, 2012 Added by:Jayson Wylie

If I said "hacker", everyone knows what goes along with that, and the audience may be impressed or annoyed depending on their fanfare or if they have been victimized. People still think hacker when they hear "pentester" and do not believe the in the existence of pure "white hats"...

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Ethical or Unethical Hacker?

May 01, 2012 Added by:Marc Quibell

Right there as top IT News was an article on how to pwn a Hotmail account. It was a 0-day exploit, which meant no one at Microsoft was notified. It was written by a self-described ethical hacker. Naturally my first reaction was, "Ya right"...

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A Hacker Handbook: Who Are the Bad Guys?

January 19, 2012 Added by:Kelly Colgan

When the Internet was a baby, hackers were fairly homogeneous. Some were scamming businesses for personal gain, but most were simple graffiti artists – breaking into websites to splash some MS Paint. It was a way to rebel and earn credibility within the computer community...

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India's ISAC to Recruit Army of White Hat Hackers

December 06, 2011 Added by:Headlines

“Less than 15 percent of Indians use the internet, but we are already No. 1 when it comes to virus infections and No. 2 in cyber crimes... As the government is trying to spread its reach through financial inclusion and e-governance projects, it's crucial that we are able to handle cyber crime..."

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Hackers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

November 07, 2011 Added by:Emmett Jorgensen

Hackers are often portrayed as social outcasts or criminals looking to defraud the unsuspecting public. The media frequently makes little or no distinction between hacker types, simply lumping them all together into a malevolent group. The truth is hackers come in all shapes and sizes...

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Ten History-Making Hackers Who Shaped Technology

September 14, 2011 Added by:Headlines

The ensemble is somewhat surprising - a collection of both white and black hat innovators who's activities often landed them on either side of the law, but who nonetheless had a tremendous impact on information technology as we know it today...

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Seven Types of Hacker Motivations

March 25, 2011 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Governments around the globe realize that it serves their military objectives to be well positioned online. The saying used to be, “He who controls the seas controls the world,” and then it was, “He who controls the air controls the world.” Now it’s all about controlling cyberspace...

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Black Hats, White Hats, and LIGATT Security

February 07, 2011 Added by:Sam Bowne

I remain convinced that the world of infosec is really polarized. The "white hats" help protect society, obey the law, and can be trusted; while the "black hats" lie, steal, extort, hurt people, and cannot be trusted. There are exceptions, but that model describes the most common situations...

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