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Error Logs and Apollo 11: One Giant Step For Risk Management

September 09, 2012 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Although Neil Armstrong is the hero of the Apollo 11 story, the planning, management, complexity and technology for the mission is often overlooked. Iit were not for testing and assessing risks associated with the systems the lunar landing would not have been a success...

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IT Risk Management: Roadmap for a Roadmap

July 03, 2012 Added by:Jared Pfost

Most IT organizations aren't equipped or supported to build a mature program. If our objective is to deliver an evidence driven investment road map aligned with the business, it's OK to plan a phased approach and demonstrate value while the culture, process, and necessary resources gain momentum...

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Making Security Metrics That Matter

April 22, 2012 Added by:Robb Reck

The traditional role of security in the organization has been that of a cost-center to be minimized. Security’s success has historically been defined by internally developed measures. We work to create best-practice metrics that show how mature the security program is...

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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: Avoiding Security Spend Pitfalls

February 07, 2012 Added by:Fergal Glynn

Knowing how much money you’re going to spend upfront is a challenge until you have the application inventory, until you know what your risk tolerances are, and until you have a fair idea of what the problems are. You’ll have to start slow and realize the number may grow...

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The Difficult Life of a Mac in the Mixed Environment

February 02, 2012 Added by:Bozidar Spirovski

We are not abandoning the Mac - it is a great tool and an asset in our little lab. But in the current state of things, it takes a lot of effort and compromise to fully migrate to a Mac platform, especially since a multi-environment knowledge is required...

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Security is in the Cracks

January 26, 2012 Added by:Danny Lieberman

In preparing to implement an application for financial management, CRM, data mining or ERP, something in the back of your mind probably says the vendor’s development organization is not a lot different than yours - though you hope they’ve thought through the security issues first...

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Audit Analytics in an FCPA Compliance Program

April 24, 2011 Added by:Thomas Fox

The laws of many countries vary in terms of the capture and correlation of ERP data and if such information can be transmitted outside a country. Such issues may be overcome with multiple servers or other hosting solutions, it also increases the difficulty of capturing such data...

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Cloud in the Enterprise is Far from a Reality

March 23, 2011 Added by:Rahul Neel Mani

IFS Applications are built on the principle of open architecture, allowing other applications to access information and invoke functionality. Total solution integration ensures free flow of information whatever combination of software one uses. Both the services layer and application core are accessible...

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