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The Rise of the Virtual-Plagiarist

August 13, 2012 Added by:Ben Rothke

Amazon is a prime feeding ground for the virtual-plagiarist given that Amazon makes a profit off everything sold, and they have no incentive to stop such practices as it would affect their profitability. Amazon takes a kid-gloves approach to plagiarism. That is all the more true for virtual-plagiarized text...

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Serial Copyright Violations by 7Safe's

January 03, 2012 Added by:security curmudgeon

Infosec Media's aggregation does not honor fair use quoting, and does not respect copyright. For each article, the original title is left intact but the byline is stripped. This practice is not acceptable by any standards in journalism or information security...

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Plagiarism in IT Security - Walking a Fine Line

December 09, 2011 Added by:Rafal Los

At the end of the day, shouldn't we all be professionals? I know it's nice to think that everyone is honest - but as the infosec world expands and there is a massive influx of people trying to make a name for themselves - there will be dishonesty. This is where the community comes in...

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The Nature of Infosec: A Zero Sum Game

December 08, 2011 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

Security is a “Zero Sum Game” - no matter what you do, no matter how many policies you have or blinking lights on an appliance that is alleged to keep out APT, in the end you really have not won the day. In fact, if you have not been hacked or abused that day, it was really just a fluke...

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Plagiarism is Bad - Oh Look, A New Song to Download...

November 27, 2011 Added by:Javvad Malik

I fully sided with Corelan in the fact that they have put effort into producing so much good quality material only for Infosec Institute to steal it and try to make a profit from it. I picked up my cyber pitchfork with every intention to storm the castle. However, I’ve been thinking...

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B8b580348b4e717042d0e394ee072001 Errata Project: Detecting Plagiarism

November 19, 2011 Added by:security curmudgeon

With the recent rash of plagiarism exposure, one of the most frequent questions we get is "how do you find plagiarism"? Our methodology is home-grown and very simple. We assume that we are only catching some of it, and that our methodology causes us to miss some. It isn't rocket science...

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Infosec Island's Position on Plagiarism

October 20, 2011 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

Occasionally it comes to our attention that material submitted for publication by a member may contain instances of unattributed content. Infosec Island's policy is to immediately remove the offending content to preserve the original author's copyright...

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Plagiarism and the Security Professional part 2

September 19, 2011 Added by:Craig S Wright

Writers have taken Gregory D. Evans, “author” of "World’s No. 1 Hacker" book to task for stealing vast blocks of other people’s work. Yet these people remain. Despite their frauds in passing off a level of expertise they do not actually possess, people trust these security doppelgangers...

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Internet Piracy, Plagiarism and the Security Professional

September 16, 2011 Added by:Craig S Wright

The issue is that some in the security industry leverage the works of others coupled with external promotion to seem more than they are. We all suffer for this, and in a field as critical as security the costs can be disproportionate to the damage an individual could seem to be able to create...

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Plagiarism and the State of Infosec Publishing

August 16, 2011 Added by:Tony Campbell

Book publishers need to up their game in terms of their quality assurance processes in order to demonstrate their true worth to their customers, something that the charlatans, such as Gregory Evans and Ali Jahangiri, will always fail to deliver upon – since these guys are not publishers...

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Lessons from LIGATT

July 10, 2011 Added by:Ben Rothke

It is the common opinion of industry experts that Evans and his company have little real knowledge beyond pedestrian hacking techniques found in plagiarized books and beginner hacking texts. LIGATT offers products that are simply bloated version of common tools such as ping and nmap...

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