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OPSEC: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

September 06, 2012 Added by:Joel Harding

In the cyber world there is a process called IGL or Intelligence Gain-Loss. Sometimes deploying a new tool would disclose a capability that the US has to gather intelligence, but sometimes the gain outweighs the loss of a source. Ya gotta ask is the juice worth the squeeze?

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The Poor State of Cyber Intelligence

August 23, 2012 Added by:Jeffrey Carr

The state of cyber intelligence as it is practiced by infosec professionals and others who are not trained in the science of rigorous analysis is often exponentially worse. Many analysts are missing huge gaps in the threat landscape and are doing a great disservice to their customers and their craft...

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English Translation of the Dutch Defense Cyber Strategy

July 18, 2012 Added by:Matthijs R. Koot

The biggest threat in the digital domain is due to high-end and complex digital offensive capabilities that are targeted at a specific targets that can severely limit the the armed forces' ability to act. A lack of insight into digital possibilities to carry out attacks is a real risk to the armed forces...

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On th3j35t3r's Project Looking Glass

July 05, 2012 Added by:ʞɔopuooq ʇuıɐs

There haven’t been a lot of ‘TANGO DOWNS’ over the last few months. I decided that I should concentrate on targeted intelligence gathering. I needed a way to get the real world identity of ‘the marks’ – be it Anons, Jihadists or forum admins. Over the last few months I have been running ‘Project Looking Glass’...

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Dutch MoD Releases Defense Cyber Strategy

June 29, 2012 Added by:Don Eijndhoven

What makes this interesting is that they are declaring that non-combatants may also be actively targeted. In essence, they are putting the world on notice that if you’re involved with a cyber attack, part of a militia or a terrorist, you have a bull’s-eye on your head. No matter where you are. Plain and simple...

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NSA Announces New Program for Careers in Cyber Ops

May 23, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Many of the nation's colleges and universities offer courses or promote projects in cybersecurity. NSA's new program differs in that it integrates the relevant academic disciplines, with a focus on technology and the techniques associated with specialized cyber operations...

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We Need Better Defensive Tools

April 02, 2012 Added by:Gabriel Bassett

Marketers, Google, Facebook, can piece information together to identify you even when you don't say who you are. Banks, online video games, and major web services can degrade service based on perceived threats. It's time for infosec to build such tools to execute a better defense...

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Rogers-Ruppersberger Cyber Bill Gains Momentum

April 02, 2012 Added by:Headlines

“Every day U.S. businesses are targeted by nation-state actors like China for cyber exploitation and theft. This consistent and extensive cyber looting results in huge losses of valuable intellectual property, sensitive information, and American jobs..."

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The Information Security OODA Loop Part Two - Observe

April 01, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

Infosec is in a constant chess match with the opposition. In order to have some way of fighting this asymmetric digital warfare, we need to have an organized, formalized way of identifying current threats and reacting in near-real-time in order to reach a state of detente...

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The Information Security OODA Loop: An Introduction

March 29, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

The OODA loop was invented by a military strategist, and the idea is that in order to win any given incursion you must go through your OODA loop faster than your opponent. Failing to do so can mean the difference between an incident and a catastrophic breach...

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Cyber Shafarat 2012: Cyber Warfare, OpSec and Intelligence

January 30, 2012 Added by:

Cyber criminals, nation-states, hacktivists and other adversaries have different approaches to circumventing cyber defenses. They execute sometimes sophisticated, sometimes simple-minded attacks designed to use and exploit threat vectors as required to accomplish the task...

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INSA Releases Cyber Intelligence Report

September 13, 2011 Added by:Headlines

"We are not quite ready to propose a definitive definition... At this point, we are talking about threats that can originate anonymously within this cyber domain with potentially enormous consequences: physical destruction to economic chaos..."

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