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Some Simple Definitions for Risk and Security Discussions

September 19, 2012 Added by:Stephen Marchewitz

Every time I read something regarding the core terminology in security and risk management, I start to question whether they really know what they’re talking about. Even worse, some speak with so many words and such arrogance, I start question whether I know what I’m talking about...

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Data Classification and Controls Policy for PCI DSS

March 01, 2012 Added by:Danny Lieberman

The first step in protecting customer data is to know what sensitive data you store, classify what you have and set up the appropriate controls. Here is a policy for any merchant or payment processor who wants to achieve and sustain PCI DSS 2.0 compliance and protect data...

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Spotting an Information Hoarder

November 08, 2011 Added by:Joel Harding

Information is power. Those who control information understand they wield a very powerful tool, they share information with only those they decide need to see that information. One who controls information within an organization can manipulate others, whether consciously or unconsciously...

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Broken Trust Part 2: Applying the Approach to Dropbox

October 03, 2011 Added by:Enno Rey

After having introduced the basic elements of the concepts of trust, control and confidence in a previous post on the RSA breach, today I’ll try to strengthen your understanding of these ideas - and maybe even my own as well - by applying them to another candidate: Dropbox...

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