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Philippine - China Cyber War: Silic Leader Doxed and Frustrated

June 03, 2012 Added by:Jay Turla

A few weeks ago, busabos from the Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines defaced two government websites from China and posted the pictures and details of Wang Lei a.k.a y0c0 smart, the leader of the Silic Group Hacker Army and the admin of which is the forum site of Silic Group Hacker Army...

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China vs. Philippines: Cyberwar or Hacktivism?

May 03, 2012 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

While attention is focused on Iran and its quarrel with the West, other silent battles are being fought. In the last month, there has been a surprising level of activity between China and the Philippines, with reciprocal attacks via bits and bytes. Are we witnessing a cyber conflict?

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