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On the BlackHat ATM Hacking Demonstration

August 09, 2010 Added by:Global Knowledge

The presentation at BlackHat demonstrated how simple software designed to exploit a security hole in the authentication mechanism is used to update the firmware on automated teller machines could make an ATM dispense cash on demand...

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Back From Black Hat

August 06, 2010 Added by:Application Security, Inc.

With so many tracks there was no shortage of interesting topics at the same time slot. Since there were no database specific talks on the first day, I had a great opportunity to expand my horizon and check out some areas that I’m only somewhat familiar with - here's a summary...

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Hacking Layer 8 - Wetware

July 22, 2010 Added by:Ron Baklarz

One can certainly see this train wreck coming with the potential for company names to be plastered all over the Internet with the embarrassing results of their social engineering-induced data leakage...

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The 0Exploit Privilege Escalation

July 21, 2010 Added by:Rob Fuller

Routing only sends the module through the session. Once the payload runs for exploit modules, it's is calling straight back to the LHOST attacker box, not through the session. So, you can now exit session 1 NETWORK SERVICE, as it's not really needed any more...

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Certified Ethical Hacker Courses - Again…

July 20, 2010 Added by:Lee Mangold

The exam is in revision 6 now, and tests a wide range of techniques from reading and analyzing TCP dumps and Snort logs, understanding the OSI model, how to use many of the common exploit tools, recognizing the exploits and their uses, and so on...

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Vulnerability Disclosures Summarized

July 19, 2010 Added by:Rob Fuller

My solution? Create a standard that we all abide by. I know as hackers we rebel against such things but in the interest of getting better security out there we should should really work together on this...

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Adobe a Target for Criminal Hackers

July 16, 2010 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Every browser requires a program to open PDFs. According to an estimate from McAfee, in the first quarter of this year, 28% of all exploit-carrying malware leveraged a Reader vulnerability...

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Al-Qa'eda on the Arabian Peninsula - A Brief Overview of 'Inspire'

July 14, 2010 Added by:

It is important to understand that the EIs continue to use our infrastructure against as they have over the years during physical attacks and currently using social network software and sites to drive awareness and training while building recruitment through online communities and various forms of propaganda...

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Hackers Play Social Engineering Capture the Flag At Defcon

July 13, 2010 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Defcon is known for its antics but it’s also an event where hackers of all flavors improve their skills. The game they are playing this year is a social engineering fun-o-rama called Social Engineering CTF, referencing the game Capture the Flag...

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Top 10 Jobs For Criminal Hackers

May 12, 2010 Added by:Robert Siciliano

So you wanna go to the dark side? You’ve been hearing all about this hacking thing and you’d like to impress your girlfriend and show her how you can hack into corporate databases eh? Well, first if you are nodding your head, you’re an idiot. Second, chances are better than ever that you’ll get caught.

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Should we be afraid of Chinese hackers? ...Or lost cyber war

April 27, 2010 Added by:Roman Zeltser

The terms "cyber terrorism" or "information warfare" are derived from political agendas of those who rule the countries or from global conglomerates and large corporations that don't hesitate to use any possible measures to achieve their goal. The information age gave us not only sophisticated computer equipment, software, and gadgets but also something that many of u...

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