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The Recession and Your Professional Skill Set

August 06, 2010 Added by:Danny Lieberman

In order to really take something of value out of the recession you need to look outward and challenge a lot of your base assumptions – it doesn’t really matter if you are a self-employed security consultant or a salaried IT sales professional...

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Get the Most Out of Security Awareness Training

August 05, 2010 Added by:Brent Huston

The whole idea is to turn your personnel into net cops. If you can do that, you can turn your own people into the best IDS system there is, and for a lot less money than you would spend on machines or hosted services…or for cleaning up a security incident...

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Rare Opportunity: CISSP Classes with Shon Harris

July 31, 2010 Added by:Roman Zeltser

CISSP exam is considered one of the most difficult since you have to be ready to answer 250 questions within 6 hrs with only small breaks at your own discretion. It took me 4 months of hard work to get ready for exam...

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Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010

May 11, 2010 Added by:Global Knowledge

In the Global Knowledge/TechRepublic 2010 Salary Survey, conducted at the end of last year, one of the questions put to respondents was "What skill set will your company be looking to add in 2010?" The skills listed by respondents include the perennial favorites, such as security, network administration, and Windows administration.

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Certified Ethical Hacker?

April 30, 2010 Added by:Rod MacPherson

Yes, there is such a thing. Although, I'd say that it certifies neither that you are a hacker, nor that you are ethical.... but it does show that you have been exposed to a wide variety of tools that malicious hackers might use to invade your network, so that you will recognize them if you ever come across them, and you will be able to use them to test your own defenses.

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