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Infosec Island January 2011 Newsletter

January 14, 2011 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

Infosec Island offers unprecedented networking, educational and business development opportunities. The high quality content from our members has spurred a rapid increase in website traffic, with the Island currently averaging over 60k unique visitors and more than 100k pageviews per month...

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Information Security Resolutions for 2011

January 13, 2011 Added by:Robb Reck

Security does not exist in a vacuum. We are employed for the express purpose of helping our organization meet its objectives. If we accept that as true, shouldn't we also accept that in order to do our jobs properly we need to understand the company's objective?

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FREE Webinar: ISO 27001 Obtaining Management Support

January 09, 2011 Added by:Dejan Kosutic

This FREE interactive live online training is designed to enable you to walk away with important skills for being able to convince your management to go for ISO 27001 project. This course offers compelling content, downloadable presentation deck and live engagement with an expert consultant..

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Information Security: A New Year Resolution

January 05, 2011 Added by:Javvad Malik

Information security is not unlike most professional industries. Whenever anything goes wrong, it’s never really our fault. With a large number of people to point the finger at, it’s almost too easy to shift the blame. So, this year, I’d like to set off on a more positive and accountable route...

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