Deceptive Emails - This Time From SAP

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ben Rothke



In October 2010, I got yet another piece of deceptive email from VeriSign, as I wrote in What’s with VeriSign and their deceptive marketing tactics?.

Jump to December and the email I just received from VeriSign shows they did indeed go full circle and remove all misleading language.  From the subject line, they include the all important verb could.

Rothke 1

But SAP seems not to have learned the same lesson.  The subject line of ‘Get a $10 Gift card by completing IFRS Survey’ is clearly deceptive. 

Only when one opens and reads the emails do they see that ‘The gift card is available to the first 200 completed surveys we receive’.


SAP has the gall to ask the recipient to be truthful with the answers they provide in the survey.  But are themselves dishonest in their approach.

SAP just found themselves on the losing end of a $1.3 billion lawsuit.  Go figure.

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