Top Ten Security Events of 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010



2010 has proved to be a most eventful year for the information security field.

From the WikiLeaks "Cablegate" disclosures to Chinese state-sponsored hacking, the Stuxnet virus to Google's WIFI intrusions, 2010 will certainly be remembered as a benchmark year.

Ellen Messmer and Tim Greene of NetworkWorld have assembled their list of the "Top 10 Security SNAFUs of 2010":

Aurora attacks on Google: In what's come to be called the "Aurora attacks," Google in January acknowledges valuable intellectual property was stolen via a network break-in during that past December, intimating China to be the origin of the cyberattack. About a dozen other high-tech and industrial companies appear to have been struck in similar fashion...

China ISP takes Internet for a ride: A small Chinese ISP called IDC China Telecommunication briefly... rerouted 15% of the Internet's traffic through Chinese servers, affecting U.S. government and military Web sites... China Telecom rejected those claims, calling the April traffic re-direction an accident...

McAfee's oopsie:
McAfee goofs up by issuing a faulty anti-virus update - the now-infamous McAfee DAT file 5958 - which wreaked havoc on PCs of countless McAfee customers by causing malfunctions like the Microsoft 'Blue Screen of Death'...

Showtime for Cisco
: Someone hacked into the list of attendees for the Cisco Live 2010 users' conference, a security breach that led Cisco to notify the customers as well as a broader group with dealings with the company. The compromised information consisted of Cisco Live badge numbers, names, title, company addresses and e-mail addresses...

Google sniffing: Google apologizes for wirelessly sniffing and collecting data from individuals on unencrypted Wi-Fi networks during its Street View car projects around the world to collect information for its map service... Google says it was all done "mistakenly"...

An iPad surprise: A group calling itself "Goatse Security" exploits a security flaw in an AT&T Web application to expose the e-mail addresses of over 100,000 iPad customer records. The FBI arrests one of the Goatse iPad hackers on felony drug charges after a home raid.

Unhealthy security:
Massachusetts-based South Shore Hospital announces it's lost about 800,000 files related to 15 years worth of health and financial information on patient, business associates and staff, but after initially saying it would contact those affected individually, changes its mind and chooses not to...

Spy drama: Anna Chapman, who was rounded up by the FBI with about a dozen other Russian spies in the United States and returned to Moscow in a spy swap, poses provocatively in black lingerie in a Moscow magazine, and lands a job as an information technology innovator for a Russian bank..

Stuck with Stuxnet: Stuxnet worm surfaces as a highly-sophisticated piece of malware aimed at industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, primarily targeting Iranian nuclear facilities - possibly as a cyberwar weapon...

Return of WikiLeaks: A massive theft of U.S. State Department cables - more than 250,000 messages of various diplomatic correspondence related to relations with foreign nations and the shared confidences of world leaders -- is published on WikiLeaks. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton calls it "an attack"...


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