A Facebook Security Lockdown Guide

Monday, January 03, 2011



Zack Whittaker has crafted The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide, a collection of fairly simple steps to ensure your Facebook account is not not doing you a great disservice.

The guide covers privacy, applications, authentication, and other security issues Facebook users should be at least mildly acquainted with, lest they be taken advantage of by scammers, identity thieves, or unscrupulous marketers and application developers.

The guide is conveniently brief and divided into four parts. The links below will take you directly to each section:

Gallery guide 1: Secure your profile page

This guide will walk you through the settings and features of your profile page - the main page where your friends can post on your wall, and allow you to learn how to limit certain features while protecting your privacy from outside your friends list...

Gallery guide 2: Secure your account settings

This guide will document how to secure your account - including your password, your networks, your Facebook credits (the site’s cashless currency), and explain how you can prevent unauthorised access...

Gallery guide 3: Secure your privacy settings

This guide will walk you through each and every setting of your content, allowing you to confidently change and modify each setting accordingly to allow exactly who you want to access certain content, while preventing others. Also, it will enable you to prevent certain privacy infringing ‘features’ on your account like Places...

Gallery guide 4: Secure the miscellaneous bits

This guide will explain certain features which can indirectly disclose your location (Places), hide certain friends from particular activities (lists) and prevent you from compromising your account with worm-spreading application links (links)...

Whittaker warns that if this is your first attempt at securing your profile, there is a chance that the damage has already been done. Nonetheless, taking a few minutes of your time to implement guide's recommendations could save you many hours of heartache down the road.

Source:  http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/january-2011-the-definitive-facebook-lockdown-guide/7439

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