Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Sending Phantom Data

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Microsoft is looking in to numerous reports that its Windows Phone 7 software is sending and receiving data to and from mobile devices unexpectedly.

Reports indicate the data transfers are relatively large, ranging from 2MB to 5MB in size per transfer, and some complaints have the totals levels of data transfer as high as 30MB to 50MB per day.

These high levels of data transfer would represent a significant amount of a customer's GB allowance, and could be financially costly as well.

"I received an e-mail from AT&T saying that I was close to my 2GB data limit which truly shocked me as I feel I do not use data that much," one customer complained.

The mysterious data transfers are eerily similar to reports from last year of unexplained iPhone data transfers while the units were not in use.

Exactly what the data is that is being sent is still unknown, and some speculate that it may be related to feedback on the Windows 7 platform or other performance data.

Nonetheless, customer concern over privacy issues is appropriate.

"We are investigating this issue to determine the root cause and will update with information and guidance as it becomes available," stated a Microsoft spokesperson.

Microsoft is gearing its Windows 7 platform to compete with Apple's iOS, Android and Blackberry.


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