Finding Illegal Content On The Internet?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rod MacPherson


What do you do when you find illegal content on the internet?

We all have heard the jokes that the main content of the internet is pxxxography. 

So, what if you happen to be looking at some Adult content on the internet and you stray a little off the beaten track and find yourself in questionable territory, and maybe you find your way to something that looks suspiciously like images of children...

Maybe you are researching Nazis for history class and you come across some hate literature...

There are online hot-lines to report this, and if you don't know who to report it to there is an association of these hot-lines, called INHOPE, to help you find the right one:

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shawn merdinger This one time, on 4chan ...
Rod MacPherson :)

Yes, Shawn...that was one of the thoughts going through my head as I wrote this. ...I bet the people in the 4chan thread will find this link helpful.
Really, I wanted to share this with friends who are less technical. It was a year-end report on Manitoba's new mandatory reporting law that lead me to the Canadian national hot-line, Which I hadn't heard of before and was grateful to have in my collection of links to hand out when people ask me about stuff like that. Then, browsing there lead me to INHOPE and I thought, if I blog on this that's the better link to give because it's international. Then, when I thought back to the 4chan discussion here, I thought that there were probably a fair number of InfoSec people who would appreciate the link too. it gives me a good opportunity to point some Facebook friends to this site :)
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