Bulgarian News Reports Dancho Danchev Institutionalized

Monday, January 17, 2011



An article on Bulgarian news website "Dnevnik" reports that security researcher Dancho Danchev was placed in a mental hospital in early December of last year.

Danchev, an information security researcher and author, was reported as missing since late summer 2010, according to an article in New Zealand based ZDNet.

Danchev was thought to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances after an unnamed source revealed they had received a letter in September of 2010 in which Danchev outlined concerns that he may be under surveillance from the Bulgarian government and could face prosecution.

Circumstances surrounding Danchev's apparent admission to a mental hospital are unclear, but a rough translation of the Dnevnik article on Dachev's institutionalization is as follows:

Dancho Danchev, an expert on cybersecurity, is accommodated in a Bulgarian hospital. The information was confirmed by two sources of "Diary", although from the hospital refused comment.

As Wired magazine announced a few days ago, he disappeared in September 2010 and did not meet their coordinates. Twenty-six year old Dancho Danchev writes for the blog Zero Day, part of the news site zdnet.com. His last post there is from August 2010

In early September, sent an e-mail to the editors of zdnet.com , informing them that the bathroom he installed listening devices.  In addition, attached photos of the electric transformer and torn wires on the bulbs.  In his letter Dancho Danchev said that the Bulgarian intelligence services monitor it because it was recommended by the FBI Attaché in Sofia for an expert in the local center against computer threats.

Then keep track of Dancho Danchev disappear, but according to reliable source of "Diary" he hospitalized from December 11 onwards.  It is now stabilized and will soon be discharged, our source said.

Expect more details

ZDNet had reported they received a tip from a Bulgarian source who indicated Danchev was in some sort of serious predicament which prevents him from making contact.

“Dancho’s alive but he’s in a lot of trouble," the source was quoted as saying.

Dancho Danchev is is highly reputable malware researcher and blogger who has made significant contributions to the information security field.

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