Report: Half of All Computers Infected with Malware

Tuesday, February 08, 2011



Panda Security reports that fully half of all the computers globally are infected with some form of malware.

The conclusion was based on data collected from the company's free online scanning tool over the month of January.

Nearly sixty percent of the infected computers scanned showed the presence of a Trojan, followed by the traditional virus at nearly thirteen percent, and what is classified as a worm  at just under ten percent.

“We don’t see many significant changes regarding the number of worldwide infections from month to month. This just reflects the reality of the current situation: Every day we receive some 61,000 new malware samples at our laboratory..." said Panda Labs technical director Luis Corrons.


The nations with the highest infection rates include Thailand, China and Taiwan with sixty percent of surveyed computers showing the presence of malware.

The United States had an average infection rate of just over forty percent, while Spain Belgium and Japan showed the lowest rates with just under forty percent of computers infected.


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Sam Bowne This seems impossible to me. We have thousands of computers at CCSF all running antivirus, and most students use antivirus too. Those machines are not infected in any meaningful way. Is this just a false positive rate of the Panda scan, flagging something minor like a tracking cookie?
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