ZRTP Voice Encryption is Finally a Standard RFC

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabio Pietrosanti


Finally ZRTP has been assigned an official RFC assignment, RFC6189 ZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTP.

It had as a dependency the SRTP with AES key size of 256bit that now has been defined as RFC6188.

It's exciting to see the RFC finally released, as it's an important milestone to set ZRTP as the official standard for end-to-end encryption much like PGP has been for emails.

Now any organization in the world will be officially able to implement ZRTP for end-to-end protocol voice encryption.

Currently 3 different public implementations of ZRTP protocol exists:

Each of them provide different features of the protocol, but most importantly are known to be interoperable.

A new wave is coming to the voice encryption world, erupting to fill a gray area where most of the companies doing phone encryption systems have been implementing custom encryption.

Now a standard has been setup and there are few reasons left to continue implementing something different.

Hurray to Mr. Zimmermann and all in the community of companies (like PrivateWave) and individuals (like Werner Dittmann) that worked on it.

Today is a great day, as this technology is now official and available with multiple existing implementations.

Philip, you did it again, my compliments to your pure spirit and determination :-)

Now there are no more excuses to keep voice 'crypto systems' closed.
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