Sophos Releases Report on the State of Data Security

Monday, May 23, 2011



Global IT security and data protection company Sophos published its first report focused on data security, The State of Data Security, which highlights the latest risks and costs of potential data loss stemming from unprotected information on mobile devices and social media sites.

The report also provides practical data protection strategies to keep companies’ information both safe and compliant.

With over 500 million U.S. records of data breaches and loss since 2005, it’s no surprise that these data loss stories are headline news. Today’s IT and business managers need to take a close look at the risks and costs of potential data loss.

"Today’s IT and business managers must take a hard look at the risks and costs of potential data loss. Creating a proactive data security plan arms you with the knowledge you need to manage the risk and helps you to stay compliant with data protection rules and regulations."

With the consumerization of IT, rapid adoption of mobile technologies, social media, virtualization, and cloud computing – emerging technologies are presenting new challenges for companies looking to protect their data.

This report enables companies to not only manage risk, but to stay compliant, by providing the resources and information necessary for proactive data security policies and plans.

The State of Data Security report showcases what data protection means for organizations, while emphasizing the need to protect personal information. It also showcases how effective data protection can actually cover the majority of compliance regulations, making it easier to manage a company’s information risks.

In addition, the report offers real-world examples of data breaches and the financial impact to organizations such as Sony, BP, Epsilon, Massachusetts General Hospital, and others.

"New data breaches continue to make news. The Sony PlayStation breach may have compromised personal information from over 100 million online gaming accounts. Although this breach didn’t make it into this edition of our State of Data Security Report, this is another example of the cost of insufficient data protection. We will continue to monitor the news, review why breaches are happening and let you know what you can do to stop them."

This report provides a list of major compliance regulations by geography along with links for additional information. Readers of the report can utilize a tear-off checklist that offers practical advice for managing information risk, including educating and training personnel. Download the report here


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