Facebook Releases User Security Guide

Friday, August 19, 2011



Better late than never? Well, of course!

Facebook has (finally) released a simple to understand user security guide (pdf) to help members avoid some of the many pitfalls of using the social networking giant.

The guide was written by Symantec's former Senior Director of Internet Safety Linda McCarthy and Purdue University instructor Keith Watson, and was edited by Denise Weldon-Siviy.

The guide instructs account holders on how to:

  • Protect your Facebook account
  • Avoid the scammers
  • Use advanced security settings
  • Recover a hacked Facebook account
  • Stop imposters

The guide offers some fairly good advice and illustrative graphics on how to spot common scams and other mischief that has plagued the social network for some time.

It is written in simple enough terms that you, your kids, and your grandparents can all increase your Facebook security outlook a great deal in a matter of only a few minutes.

What the guide is missing, though, is a section on increasing one's privacy on the network - that is, information on how to protect your Facebook profile from Facebook's own features.

Fro more information on how to disable annoying features that violate your privacy like facial recognition, and for a bevy of news and information on scams and vulnerabilities, you can scroll through Infosec Island's Facebook-related articles HERE.

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