Guide: How to Pass an IT Audit

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sasha Nunke


Free Guide: How to Pass an IT Audit

This guide covers the steps and procedures to passing an IT GRC audit — as told by an enterprise end-user who deployed QualysGuard Policy Compliance:

As a lead security analyst at a large Fortune 500 financial institution, we’re subject to many audits of our IT security.

After trying several tools for Governance, Risk and Compliance, we recently switched to QualysGuard Policy Compliance as a practical way to automate management of IT controls, verify compliance with policy, and document everything for auditors.

We were already a satisfied user of QualysGuard Vulnerability Management, so it made sense to leverage those automated asset and vulnerability scanning capabilities that are integrated with the QualysGuard platform.

We put QualysGuard PC straight to use on a pending audit of our UNIX environment, which hadn’t done so well in the previous examination.

Deployment was painless and our security team loved the easy to use capabilities that freed their time to focus on policy creation and testing.

Most important: we passed the audit. The purpose of this document is to pass along tips we learned that may be useful as you consider adopting QualysGuard PC.

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