Chinese Documentary Reveals Cyber Attack Software

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



An article published in The Epoch Times claims that a Chinese-made military propaganda documentary mistakenly shows a computer screen running what appears to be software designed to launch cyber attacks against selected targets.

The film, which aired in mid-July, was intended to highlight the benevolence of the Chinese military (CCP) in the cyber realm while casting the United States as the major cyberspace aggressors.

“America is the first country to propose the concept of a cyberwar, and the first country to implement it in a real war,” the movie's narrator proclaims.

But somehow footage with the attack software running in the background on a military computer was not deleted from the final version of the movie.

"Now we've got proof. They're also extending their persecution of Falun Gong overseas, attacking a civil website in the U.S. These are the clear messages revealed in these six seconds of video," said Jason Ma, a commentator for New Tang Dynasty Television.



According to the article in The Epoch Times, "a picture of the hacking software shown during the Chinese military program. The large writing at the top says 'Select Attack Target.' Next, the user can choose which IP address to attack from. The drop-down box is a list of Falun Gong websites, while the button on the left says 'Attack'."

The footage confirms that the Chinese military is indeed engaged in systematic cyber attack operations aimed at Western targets, quite to the contrary of the the CCP's official position on the matter.

"The CCP has leaked its top secret here. This is the first time we see clearly that one of the top Chinese military universities is doing this research and developing software for cyber-attacks. There's solid proof of it in this video," said Ma.


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