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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



The organizers of the Black Hat USA 2011 conference which took place earlier this month in Las Vega, Nevada, are inviting those who attended and those who missed the event to join them for a live webcast featuring some of the conference's speakers.

The free webcast, airing on Thursday, Aug 25, 2011, will feature some of the key presentations from the live event. Several of the speakers will discuss their work and give you a chance to ask any questions you weren't able to in Vegas.

Attendees are eligible for 1000 HRS PST/ 1300 HRS EST. Webcast subjects and participants include:

Macs in the age of APT By Alex Stamos

  • Alex Stamos is a co-founder and CTO of iSEC Partners Inc., a strategic digital security organization and part of the NCC Group. Alex is an experienced security engineer specializing in solving difficult problems in application security and is a leading researcher in the field of cloud and mobile security. He has been a featured speaker at top industry conferences such as Black Hat, FS-ISAC, the CIP Congress, Infraguard, Web 2.0 Expo, CanSecWest, DefCon, SyScan, Microsoft BlueHat, Amazon ZonCon and OWASP App Sec. He holds a BSEE from the University of California, Berkeley.

From Redmond with Love By Katie Moussouris

  • Katie Moussouris leads the Security Community Outreach and Strategy team at Microsoft. Her team's work encompasses Security Ecosystem Strategy programs such as Microsoft's BlueHat conference and worldwide hacker conference engagement, security researcher outreach, and Microsoft's Vulnerability Disclosure Policies. Katie also founded and runs Microsoft Vulnerability Research, which is responsible for Microsoft's research and reporting of vulnerabilities in 3rd party software. Katie recently was voted the editor of a new draft ISO standard on Vulnerability Handling Processes, following her work over the past 4 years as the lead expert in the US National Body on an ISO draft standard on Vulnerability Disclosure.

Hacking Medical Devices for Fun and Insulin: Breaking the Human SCADA System By Jerome Radcliffe

  • Jerome Radcliffe has been working in the computer security field for over twelve years and is currently a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst for a major computer security organization. He has an extensive public speaking background, going back to middle school, and has spoken on a variety of security and legal topics at major conferences, universities, and other community events. He holds a Masters degree in Information Security Engineering form SANS Technology Institute as well as a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law from Wayne State University. His experience with radios and hardware goes back to when he was 12 and earned his Ham Radio license, now with the callsign N8OS.

You can register for the free Black Hat USA 2011 webcast event here:


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