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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lee Munson


While the word hacker has expanded over the years, the original meaning, as far as the computer sense, means that it is someone who likes to explore the technology that is in front of them.

We say the computer sense because originally the word hacker was used for model railroad enthusiast. It then switched to computer hackers later on.

Now the term "hacker" is used when people want to talk about a computer criminal. And while some hackers are criminals, not all criminals are computer hackers. We will be talking about hackers in reference to how the original term was used when talking about the computer variety of hacker.

There are a few ways to tell if someone you know is a hacker. One of the ways that you know that you are dealing with a hacker is if you gave them a piece of technology and they break it apart to find out how it works. Or you know that they are a hacker if they ask a lot of questions about the technology.

These are questions that might easily bore other people. A hacker is someone who is curious and at the same time other people look at with either wonderment or as a curiosity. But in recent years this is becoming less and less so.

With the success of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, people are starting to appreciate computer hackers more. Since the internet age has dawned, computers and smart phones are more useful in the average person's life and they can now see why these people are important. Their examples are setting the way for more people wanting to get into computer engineering.

But what we are here to talk about is the movies that hackers love to watch. These movies show the genre in an enlightening way and anyone who makes a living slanging code on the computer can relate to them. Some are classics because of how realistic they are while others are classics because of the cheesy value. So let's take a look at the top three hacker movies.

The Matrix

This movie about the future but set in the modern day opened up the imagination to a lot of computer hackers in the late 90's and early 2000's. Not only was the action entertaining but it was one of the first movies that made hacking look cool.

Granted hacking looked nothing like they showed in the movies, but in the sequels they did use some of the tools that real life hackers use in their daily work. While the sequels were not as good as the original it doesn't matter. It is the original movie that made it a classic among hackers from around the world.

War Games

While there were other computer movies before it, War Games is what inspired a generation of hackers in the 80's. Starring Mathew Broderick, it was a movie about a guy who was able to get on the early internet, pre World Wide Web, and was smart enough to get into places that he shouldn't.

The movie showed a lot of accurate hacking tools at the time and while not aging greatly, it is still a movie that a lot of hackers like to watch. Also, it does not hurt that during the movie he had a very cute girlfriend as well.


This is a movie that came out in the early 90's and is considered a classic with hackers because it is probably the closest to what real hacking is like. Starring Robert Redford and Sidney Portier, they make no attempts to fake anything about the tools that are used. They do not care if it is boring or not, they kept it pretty realistic.

In the movie they show phone phreaking, hardware hacking, and many more aspects of the hacking culture. If you are looking for a movie about hackers that will give you the most accurate depictions of them then this is a good movie to check out.

These are the three movies on our list but there are two more movies that we would like to place in the honorable mentions. These movies are Hackers and The Social Network. What War Games was to the hackers of the 80's, the movie Hackers was to the hackers of the 90's. While it had some realistic hacking tools used in the movie, overall the movie made hacking look more fun than it probably really is.

This is why you had a lot of people get in the scene in the late 90's who would then see how hard it is and then back right back out. The movie starred a very young Angelina Jolie. She could also be the other explanation for the explosion of hackers after the movie was released.

The Social Network was released recently but you can already start to see the affects that it has on people. The movie won an Oscar and also got a lot of people interested in developing for computers. I believe that in a few years you will hear this movie in the same breath as Hackers and War Games as being influential to this current generation.  

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