Anonymous Unveils Twitter Hijack Tool: URGE

Friday, September 09, 2011



Anonymous has released an purported Twitter hijacking tool called the Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter (URGE), posting the source code for the exploit on Github.

According to Softpedia, the hacker collective claims the new tool is not intended to be malicious, but was designed “to make it easier for us to tweet faster without copying and pasting constantly."

“We recently have become tired of seeing trending topics on twitter that were redundant and 'pop culture' like... This was pathetic in our eyes, and we could not stand by and take it anymore," said an anonymous member who believes the Twitter trends should "actually serve a cause," according to the Softpedia article.

Anonymous has also posted a brief user's manual for the URGE tool on Pastebin:

URGE: Users Manual

So you want to use URGE.  Upon opening URGE, you will be asked to type in a PIN Number, this is just to verify your account.  This was done for ease of logging in, no username or password needed.  After successfully opening URGE you will get the main GUI (window).  

On the TOP LEFT you have a field called "Watch Tag", this allows you to enter a Hash tag (i.e, #Freedom) and you can view who is using that Hash.  In the BETA version you have to click refresh everytime you want to view new Tweets in that Hash.  You do not need to add the # symbol for it automatically inputs it for you.

Under the WasTag box, is the Feed Box, which allows you to see the Tweets currently using the Hash in which you have inputed into the Top Left Field.

"The Operation Name" is a filed which you can add an operation hash tag (i.e, #OpLiberation) but no need to add the # symbol for which that is automatically done for you as well. This will later be inputed into the final Tweet.

The "Tag Person" box is used to directing your Tweets towards a particular person.  It is the same as typing up a Tweet and first typic @ then the screen name.  Again no @ symbol is needed it will enter the @ symbol automatically.

The #Antishock Sub Menu is for specific TwitterRaid Ops, these are preentered for TwitterRaid already has some Ops for it.  If you do not wish to use these, Uncheck the #AntiShock checkbox,

The "Top Trends" Box, pulls the current popular WorldWide Trends on Twitter, Check one to Hijack them and it will be inserted when the Generat Button is clicked.

The "Generate Tweet" Button will insert all information you have inserted into the Generated-Tweet box.

You can now move down to the "Generated-Tweet" box, youo can edit anything in this area you wish and Add Your Message.  There is a character counter to prevent you from going over your Tweet Character Limit.

The "Send Tweet" Button, will send your tweet to your account.  A box will come up confirming that it was updated.

Now you are done, Enjoy TwitterRaiding and remember. We Are Legion...

Using the URGE tool could be considered an illegal act, and those that choose to download and perform Twitter hijacking operations could find themselves facing legal repercussions.

It is expected that Twitter will perform an analysis of the URGE source code to identify the exploited vulnerabilities and issue a fix.


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