DHS Taps Weatherford as Cybersecurity Lead

Friday, October 21, 2011



The Department of Homeland Security has selected Mark Weatherford as the new Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity for the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

Weatherford was formerly a CISO for both California and Colorado, as as acting as the CSO for the North American Electric Reliability since 2010.

According to HealthcareInfoSecurity, "DHS says the newly created cybersecurity position will allow the department to better carry out its mission to create a safe, secure and resilient cyberspace. The department says Weatherford will focus on ensuring robust cybersecurity operations and communications resilience for DHS."

The position Weatherford will occupy is newly created, and the responsibilities include many of those that were administered by former Deputy Undersecretary Phillip Reitinger.

Reitinger had announced he was leaving the Obama administration effective June 3, 2011. He had previously served as the executive director of the Department of Defense's Cybercrime Center and at the Department of Justice as the deputy chief of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property division.

Sony Corporation has announced the appointment of former Department of Homeland Security Deputy Undersecretary Philip Reitinger as the company's first Chief Information Security Officer.

The announcement of Reitinger's appointment is the culmination of a heady year for Sony where information security issues are concerned.

The Sony breach saga began in April when the company announced that the PlayStation network servers had been hacked, exposing the records of more than 70 million customers. During the course of the investigation, Sony discovered that the company's Online Entertainment network had also been compromised, exposing another 25 million customer records.

This month, Sony Corporation was yet again been breached, compromising 60,000 PlayStation Network and 33,000 Sony Online Entertainment client accounts.

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