This Veterans Day - A Hackday for Heroes

Tuesday, November 08, 2011



The professional social networking site LinkedIn has announced several initiatives to assist U.S. military veterans with career development and securing jobs in this difficult economic climate.

LinkedIn has partnered with the White House to initiate the first ever "Veterans Hackday" and "are looking for hackers to put together projects that can improve any aspect of a veteran's life."

LinkedIn will be making adjustments to their job postings in an effort to highlight those positions best suited to candidates with military experience:

"We’ve joined forces with the White House to tag job postings on LinkedIn that could be filled by veterans. These tagged job postings will be accessible to the White House’s newly launched Veteran’s Job Bank and across veterans-oriented federal websites to make it easier for veterans to source opportunities relevant to them," writes Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President for Products and User Experience at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will also provide some premium service offerings at no cost to veterans seeking civilian employment opportunities:

"We will also offer all veterans in the U.S. a free one-year Job Seeker subscription, an aggregate value of up to $100 million. All veterans with updated military experience on their LinkedIn profiles will receive an email with more information on how to take advantage of their free subscription and premier tools for job seekers. If you are a veteran, but not yet on LinkedIn, we encourage you to create a LinkedIn profile and access the utilities we’re offering to veterans," Nishar blogged.

The professional social network is also recruiting hacker-types to participate in conceptualizing creative projects to assist veterans in their transition back to civilian life:

"We’re also excited for our first ever Veterans Hackday at LinkedIn this Friday. We welcome all hackers and innovators to spend Veterans Day this year using their technical skills to help our veterans. I have no doubt that we will see some creative hacks that will help improve the lives of veterans," Nishar announced.

More information on the Veterans Hackday launch can be found here:

"It is a true honor to be personally involved with an initiative that gives back to our nation’s heroes. We are grateful for their service and look forward to helping them transition back into the workforce as we equip them with the tools and insights to manage their careers," Nishar said.

Infosec Island appreciates the sacrifice made by our military personnel and their families and encourages support for veterans both during and after their active duty service period.


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