Should We Strike Iran? How About the Information War?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Joel Harding


I’m not sure who I fear more, the whack jobs in leadership positions in Iran or the nut cases screaming about them.

The only reason Iran has for trying to drop a nuke on Israel is… uh… I’m trying to think of a legitimate reason they would provoke a nuclear war and I can’t think of one.

The negative repercussions would be unbelievably off the charts against them. Iran would become instantaneous targets for the remnants of Israel, the US and the UK and there would be a fairly strong possibility that certain parts of Iran would become fused silicon parking lots from retaliatory strikes, and that’s just the military targets.

Map showing ethnic and religious diversity amo...

I’m really not too sure the rest of the Arab/Islamic world would back them up, senseless mass killings are not endorsed by the Quran, the Haddiths nor the Sunnah and I’m seriously doubting their culture would advocate that.

The majority of the population does not side with the leadership as it is and it might become the straw that broke the camel’s back and incite a popular uprising – because it puts the population at undue risk. There are military targets in Tehran.

The argument that Iran hates the Zionist state of Israel or because they are Jews just does not justify mass murder. Ahmadinejad, do some serious soul searching before you make a fateful decision.

Then we have the overly macho extremist media advocating a pre-emptive strike against Iran. Yes, it’s been done before and it may well occur again, but that decision must be made in the most somber and unemotional terms, without the press screaming ‘we want a pre-emptive strike!’ 

We risk inciting a mass uprising – the world against us. If there is going to be a pre-emptive strike, mark my words, you will see Secretary Clinton or perhaps even our President making a trip to Moscow to gain their endorsement or perhaps just to ask for them not to respond.

At the same time VP Biden will most likely make a whirlwind trip around the Middle East to seek similar terms. Then a case will be made to the Security Council at the UN, using classified information behind closed doors, sharing actual intelligence and not the ‘for show’ crap which lead to the Iraq invasion.

My gut says this would take weeks, perhaps months, to make this happen. My gut also tells me there are classified programs already in place to deal with the Iranians, we’ve had programs developed to be deployed against deep and buried targets for some time.

If I were the Strategic Communications advisor to the President of the United States, I would advocate absolutely no press involvement and to not inform anyone until it was too late to respond or launch a retaliatory pre-emptive strike.

Only after the weapons are deployed would I allow the press and the Iranians to be informed. This may be the only opportunity for the President to appear Presidential as a mature Commander in Chief.

A pre-emptive information strike would only cause the Iranians to involuntarily spasm and deploy suicide teams to attack US and other targets worldwide. Anything less would just be posturing for political purposes and could possibly result in more senseless deaths.

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