India Assumes Global Leadership Role in Cybersecurity

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Indian Communications & Information Technology Minister Shri Kapil Sibal and The EastWest Institute (EWI) will host the Third Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit in New Delhi on Oct. 30–31, 2012.

The New Delhi Summit will be India’s first major international event addressing cybersecurity issues and will bring together experts from both the private and government sectors.

“India is a vital market and policy creator in the global information technology industry. As such India is an essential partner in the international policy process. We are proud to bring the Summit to India,” said EWI Board Chairman Ross Perot, Jr.

Minister Sibal is the chair for the Summit’s India Committee, established to promote active participation by Indian government officials, industry experts and related business leaders.

“India welcomes the decision of the EastWest Institute to bring this powerful forum to New Delhi. Working together with like-minded countries and businesses worldwide, India will work hard to assure that practical advances in cybersecurity are made and international cooperation advanced. The Government of India is pleased to see Indian institutions like FICCI and NASSCOM play a vital role as co-sponsors,” Minister Sibal said.

EWI and their Indian counterparts have also initiated the “New Delhi Summit Process,” which is composed of three high-level working groups comprised of Indian and international experts. Each  working group will address specific cybersecurity issues.

The first group will focus on ways to secure the global IT supply chain, which, while another will focus on standards, policy and regulations governing the cloud computing industry. The third working group will focus on secure encryption, taking into consideration the governments’ need for surveillance to foster national security.

“We are excited to see the level of cooperation and partnership by the Indian side for the Summit. We are honored to be working with a distinguished group of Indian colleagues. Existing international institutions are no match for 21st century problems. The New Delhi Summit Process offers an unprecedented forum for policy innovation to confront what may be the greatest threat to the stability of our digitalized world,” said EWI President John Edwin Mroz.

About the EastWest Institute: The EastWest Institute is an international, non-partisan, not-for profit policy organization focused solely on confronting critical challenges that endanger peace. EWI was established in 1980 as a catalyst to build trust, develop leadership, and promote collaboration for positive change—affecting change by turning dialogue into meaningful results. The institute has offices in New York, Brussels and Moscow. For more information about the institute, please visit


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