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Monday, November 21, 2011

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Why Mobile & Wireless Security?

The world is witnessing the evolution of mobile devices turning into a general-purpose computing platform. As mobile devices grow in popularity, it has become more prominent targets for criminals.

The emergence of mobile payments propels the growth of mobile threats. The value of mobile payment transactions is projected to reach almost $630 billion by 2014, up from $170 billion in 2010, making it an attractive target for attackers, as they allow direct monetization of attacks.

In addition, mobile devices store tremendous amounts of personal and commercial data that may attract both targeted and mass-scale attacks, resulting in catastrophic consequences. Can we afford to ignore mobile and wireless security? We can't, so let's take it on!

TakeDownCon has raised the bar, and set the standards of what a true technical IT security conference is supposed to be. It aspires to be the ideal platform for information security professionals to congregate to learn, network and share their knowledge.

Special Training Promotion for Infosec Island Members

Sign up for any of the trainings, and enjoy the following:

1. 15% discount off published rates for training (UP $2599)

2. Test Pass Guarantee (Now you do not have to worry about not passing the certification exam at the first attempt. Applicable only for CEH, ECSA/LPT or CHFI training)*

3. A choice of ONE of the following:

  • iPad 2 (Yes, its still one of the most desired gadget to own)*
  • $500 Tiffany & Co. Gift Card (Its the festive season, so now you can pamper yourself or your loved ones with exquisite products from Tiffany & Co.)*
  • Four (4) nights hotel accommodation at M Resort (An ideal resting pad after a hard day's training or conference)*

4. Three (3) Complimentary TakeDownCon Conference passes (Invite 2 other peers/colleagues to attend the conference for free!)*

5. One $300 discount voucher for any EC-Council training at any Hacker Halted, TakeDownCon or CAST Summit in the USA in 2012*

*(Terms & Conditions Apply)

Contact Lance Miller (lmiller@infosecisland.com) to receive your registration code and secure your discount.

Trainings (Dec 2 - 5)

A comprehensive suite of technical and certification training for you to choose from. Do not miss out on the special promotion!

Conference (Dec 6-7)

Special Conference Promotion for Infosec Island Members

  • Attend the conference at a special rate of just $299 (a $200 savings)

Hear and learn from a specially selected panel of subject matter experts who will present topics such as:

  • Transparent Smartphone Spying: Apps and Baseband
  • Offensive Mobile Forensics
  • Vulnerabilities in mobile applications – iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  • Air Waves and mobile tablet hacks: the old, new, bad and low down dirty
  • Practical & Triage Approaches to Mobile Security Abroad
  • Portable XSS – Attacking the Mobile Platform
  • and more.... See Speakers & Agenda HERE

Contact Lance Miller (lmiller@infosecisland.com) to receive your registration code and secure your discount.



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