IT Trends for 2011 and Beyond

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bill Gerneglia


Article by James Finnan

CIOs and senior IT business decision makers maintain a constant focus on specific trends that will effect the industry in which they compete.

You should already be thinking about how technology is going to help shape your business far into the future. CIOs have to be forward-thinking executives to make sure enterprises are leveraging technology in the most efficient manner.

Big changes are starting to emerge on the IT landscape that will require even more dilligence than before from the IT professional. Increasing popularity of cloud computing and the adoption of Apple in the enterprise are perhaps two of the most significant.

Here is a list of some of the emerging tech trends that will ultimately effect your IT decision making process:

1. Cloud Computing

We recently reported on how cloud computing supported by inexpensive sources of electricity and low power consumption processors are two major themes in  the future of computing.

Companies across all industries are adopting the cloud for everything from daily tasks to keeping in touch with the office. Many of your software and solutions will be purchased as cloud based solutions.

Cloud storage options are growing as companies keep more data. Data storage in the cloud provides flexibility as well as another disaster recovery option.

2. The Social Web

Social networks are continue to grow in popularity among employees, especially the younger ones. We reported that for a whole new generation of tech-savvy young professionals, having access to social media or the right smartphone in the workplace is at times more important than earning a higher salary.  

For business, that means adapting to this change in priorities. Younger workers demand access to Facebook and iPhones while on the job. These new channels are  opportunities to be used by companies to promote their brands. While social networks can create security issues we must find ways to implement safe policies and best practices.

3. Consumerization of IT

Consumerization of IT has quickly become the most common employee tech issue in the enterprise. Products like the iPhone and Android-based handsets are turning up all around the office.

It is the job of the IT professional  to provide the most secure heterogeneous environment to enable the broadest range of adoption across the organization without compromising increasing securtiy threats from these devices. Adoption of Apple devices across the enterprise is the biggest change in consumer technology selection by employees.

4. The Proliferation of Mobile Apps

Enterprise apps are available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS. Some companies choose to create their own proprietary apps for internal use to make certain processes more efficient.

5. Windows 8 is Coming

Which desktop operating systems will you deploy in the future? Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be released next year. Did you ever get around to upgrading to Windows 7?

Many organizations have made the upgrade and report overall positive results. Be prepared though as PC computing trends show, IT departments will be purchasing more netbooks and tablets and fewer PCs and laptops in the next few years.

6. A Depressed Global Economy

The economy could have a direct impact on your tech plans for the future. As the global economy improves you may see budget increases to enable the adoption of new technologies. If global economies slow you may have to make further cuts to your infrastructure.

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