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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Security BSides


Register for Security BSides Phoenix Event today!

Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesPHX2012 Saturday, February 18, 2012: Security fun!"

Cost: Free (as always!)

Bummed out after Snowmageddon? Want a nice hot (at least warmer) change of scenery?  Arizona is hosting its first ever BSides during one of the best times of year. 

We aim to provide the highest quality talks, hands on training and workshops.  We also have cactus...

About the Event:

Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members.

The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration.

It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening. You don’t want to miss it!

If you've been keeping in the loop, a few of us Arizonans have decided to put together the first ever BSides security conference in Phoenix.  

This event will be on February 18th, 2012.  So far the response has been huge-- we've got lots of folks registered, numerous talks and workshops already submitted.  

This brings me to the first bit of exciting news-- the venue:

Dave & Busters at the Tempe Marketplace.
2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy
Tempe, AZ 85281

Although a bit unconventional for a conference, Dave and Busters has 3 large private meeting rooms and two smaller private board rooms that we have reserved for the entire day. D&B has all the main needs for a fantastic conference-- beer, food & space for us.  

Additionally, if you want to take a break from talks and shoot zombies (I mean, who doesn't right?)-- you can do that too.  Tempe Marketplace is an outdoor mall, near hotels and freeways to make getting there easy.

In addition to great talks and workshops, we've also confirmed a lock-picking village available during the day.  This will allow for hands on experience learning from a local expert, Austin Appel.

Austin 'scorche' Appel has been a locksport enthusiast and lock picker/collector for over six years now and has been involved with running Lockpicking Villages at various security conferences such as DEFCON, ShmooCon, ToorCon, LayerOne, and other B-Sides events with The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (TOOOL), other groups, and by himself.

Call For Participation

We are currently looking for people to present talks, training, and hands on workshops.  The formats are as follows:

  • Presentation: 30 or 50-minute speaker-led discussion
  • Training: Instructor-led training on a specific topic; e.g. penetration testing or web application security.
  • Training sessions can run from 50 minutes to two hours and will be free for registered attendees.
  • Workshop: Hands-on training and exercises on a specific topic; e.g. lock picking, pentesting tools, or securing mobile devices. 

Important Submission Details: Submissions must be received by January 1st, 2012 - Submit To: BSidesPHX at

Presenter Information Required

  • Name:
  • Contact Info:
  • Bio:
  • Format (Presentation/Training/Workshop):
  • Title:
  • Abstract:
  • Supporting Research:

Event Sponsors

We need your help making this one of the best conferences around! We currently are looking for sponsors. If you're interested in sponsoring, please contact: BSidesPHX at

We are honored to announce our first official sponsors: Go Daddy and Securosis.  As the world's largest provider of Web hosting [1], domain names and net-new SSL Certificates, Go Daddy has been a large contributor to local community events for developers, and has stepped up to help make this possible.  

Securosis is a local security research and advisory firm.  We are super grateful for their support, and looking forward to working together to make this a great conference.

If you haven't already registered, please do so soon:

Event details are updated here:

      [1] Largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue. Source Tier 1 Research, Mass-Market Hosting Report - Winter 2011

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