ICS-CERT: Invensys Wonderware InBatch ActiveX Vulnerability

Tuesday, December 20, 2011



ICS-Cert has publicly released an advisory for Invensys Wonderware InBatch systems, including InTouch and Information Server browser clients.

Invensys Wonderware InBatch systems provide operators interaction interface and control for production batch management in industries like manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, chemical, and water and wastewater.

"Researcher Kuang-Chun Hung of the Security Research and Service Institute−Information and Communication Security Technology Center (ICST) has identified three vulnerabilities in Invensys Wonderware InBatch. These vulnerabilities exist in the GUIControls, BatchObjSrv, and BatchSecCtrl ActiveX controls," the advisory states.

Kuang-Chun's research shows that the InBatch vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute malicious code or cause a denial of service interruption to the affected system.

"Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (DoS) on systems with affected versions of Wonderware InBatch Runtime Client components," the ICS-CERT advisory warns.

The vulnerability was originally announced on November 28, 2011 in the US-CERT secure portal, but not publicly released until a software update to remedy the problem had been issued. Simultaneously, Invensys was working with their customers on remediation efforts.

"On November 28th when the US-CERT announced to the secure portal, Invensys was also releasing to our Customer base the notice allowing them the opportunity to proactively get their systems mitigated before the information of this vulnerability became public knowledge," said Ernest A. Rakaczky, IOM Portfolio Program Manager for Invensys.

Rakaczky contacted Infosec Island to make clear that there was never a zero-day threat associated with this vulnerability.

"ICS-CERT has coordinated the report with the ICST and Invensys. Invensys has issued software updates that resolve these vulnerabilities. The ICST has confirmed the software updates fully resolve the reported vulnerabilities," the advisory notes.

ICS-CERT gives the vulnerability an the Overall CVSS = 6.0, and indicates that the following Invensys Wonderware InBatch versions are affected:

  • 8.1 SP1, 9.0 SP2, and 9.5 InBatch Server and Runtime Clients
  • 9.0 and 9.0 SP1.
  • EXPLOITABILITY: This vulnerability is remotely exploitable. This exploit may require social engineering.
  • EXISTENCE OF EXPLOIT: No publicly known exploits specifically target these vulnerabilities.
  • DIFFICULTY: An attacker with a low skill level can create the DoS; a more skilled attacker could exploit the vulnerability to execute arbitrary code.

A patch from Invensys has been made available, and operators are being instructed to implement the following:


Invensys has developed software updates to address the reported vulnerabilities. Invensys recommends that customers who are running vulnerable versions of Wonderware InBatch update their systems to either InBatch 9.0 SP2 or 9.5 on all nodes that have the InBatch client runtime and the InBatch Server installed. Installation does not require a reboot.

Customers can download updates from the “Software Download” section of the Invensys Customer First Support website:

Follow the instructions in the ReadMe section for the product and component to install the software update.

In addition to applying the software updates, Invensys has made additional recommendations to customers running vulnerable versions of the Invensys Wonderware InBatch product:

  • Set the security level settings for the Internet browser to Medium−High to minimize the risk of a vulnerability exploit.
  • Reference the Invensys Securing Industrial Control Systems Guide for additional information on securing industrial control systems operating in a Microsoft Windows environment.

To access information related to Invensys security updates, customers can logon to the Cyber Security Updates website and the GCS Foxboro Wonderware Security Releases webpage:

  • https://wdn.wonderware.com/sites/WDN/Pages/Security Central/default.aspx
  • http://support.ips.invensys.com/content/WDN/HTM/ww_security.asp.

The full ICS-CERT advisory can be found here:

Source:  http://www.us-cert.gov/control_systems/pdf/ICSA-11-332-01.pdf

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