Security BSides San Francisco 2012 Will Live On!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Security BSides


BSidesSF is thrilled to announce we have received a financial commitment from Lee Kushner (@ljkush) at Information Security Leaders to guarantee that the Security B-Sides San Francisco event will happen as planned! 

At a minimum, we will have our venue and a place to showcase our amazing speakers this year, and our livestream will be up and running so people can participate even if they can’t make it to San Francisco. 

We can’t thank Lee and Information Security Leaders enough for saving a community event that so many people love and care about.

“Events like BSides are essential to the information security industry and the professional development of current and future information security leaders. Being in a position to provide the necessary financial support to guarantee that BSidesSF takes place is a blessing," said Lee Kushner, Founder and Operator of Information Security Leaders.

"I could not think of a better way to demonstrate my appreciation and gratitude to the community that has given so much to me and my family," Kushner continued.

BSidesSF is still looking for more awesome sponsors to help us cover some of the other costs that make the event more enjoyable (food, t-shirts, after party, etc.). If you are a non-RSA participating organization, please reach out to us at

And please help us send messages of gratitude to Lee and follow Information Security Leaders to see what they are up to!

More about Information Security Leaders

Information Security Leaders is an information security career resource, currently operated by Lee Kushner ( The website provides career advice and guidance for information security professionals as they address the challenges in the development of their information security careers. 

The most popular feature, “Career Advice Tuesday”, is a Question/Answer forum that has appeared for over 125 consecutive weeks. In addition, with the help of the information security community, Information Security Leaders produces industry research on meaningful career related topics, including compensation and professional development.

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