Lulzer Sabu Turns in Top Anonymous Leadership

Tuesday, March 06, 2012



Fox News reports that infamous LulzSec leader known as Sabu has been working with law enforcement for months to investigate key members of the Anonymous movement, resulting in multiple arrests of key Anonymous conspirators.

“They caught him and he was secretly arrested and now works for the FBI,” a source told Fox News.

Sabu, who has been identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur, a resident of New York, was apparently arrested and indicted back in August of 2011, and has been working with law enforcement to undermine the Anonymous movements top strategists, according to reports:

"On August 15, 2011 Monsegur pleaded guilty to more than ten charges relating to his hacking activity. In the following few weeks, he worked almost daily out of FBI offices, helping the feds identify and ultimately take down the other high-level members of LulzSec and Anonymous, sources said."

The arrests occurred in both Europe and the United States, and the list of suspects apprehended includes some of the most sought after hacktivists thought to be responsible for orchestrating attacks against multiple government and private sector targets.

"The five charged in the LulzSec conspiracy indictment expected to be unsealed were identified by sources as: Ryan Ackroyd, aka 'Kayla' and Jake Davis, aka 'Topiary,' both of London; Darren Martyn, aka 'pwnsauce' and Donncha O’Cearrbhail, aka 'palladium,' both of Ireland; and Jeremy Hammond aka 'Anarchaos,' of Chicago," reports noted.

Monsegur is said to have cooperated with the investigation out of concern for the welfare of his family, sources indicate.

"It was because of his kids. He didn't want to go away to prison and leave them. That's how we got him," a law enforcement official stated.

The law enforcement action could be a deathblow to the loosely organized collective known for their anti-government and anti-business antics, and more arrests are to be expected as the suspect's hardware is examined by forensics units.

“This is devastating to the organization. We’re chopping off the head of LulzSec,” said an unnamed FBI official.

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