Boole server - Data centric remote access, auditing and encryption

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

John England


Maintaining confidentiality and protection of data from unauthorized access are basic requirements for a security system.

Boole Server is able to fulfil these protection requirements to a very high standard. Ease of use and versatility in configuration enables Boole Server to be the development platform delivering all the tools necessary for the complete protection of information circulating within a network.

This 360° protection is the result of many years study into the vulnerabilities of systems and analysis of all channels through which a network can be attacked. Using Boole Server platform it is possible to: 

  • Encrypt using 2048 bit to make the data unusable by any unauthorized system.
  • Protect data network from external intrusions
  • Monitor access privileges and usage of user profiles
  • Organize different access policies
  • Apply a watermark security to label and protect confidential information
  • Protect intellectual property, special project information and top secret documents
  • Configure auditing of ‘who, what and when’ to monitor actions on data
  • Check features and system configurations using a single centralized control panel.


Are gaining ground in the data security arena with big wins in the consumer space in Europe and moving toward the UK. The product takes the data centric model, and applies the granularity of advanced SSL VPNS, but with the focus on the data, i.e who can view that, and not what the user is allowed to access. From remote access, 2048 bit encryption makes it as secure as SSL v3 without the ability to to re-write cookies or active-X controls for exploitation.

The ability to audit data means thatany changes or unauthorised removal of information is trackable at a user level. Sharing information with a third party is possible with the ability to water mark and time limit access to the data across the secure link.

I've been speaking to the UK sole distributor and can get referrals, and exclusive discounts, also for the US, so please feel free to contact me and I can arrange demo's and further sales support. The company has, and is attracting further blue chip names to it's portfolio so definitely has a product with a bright future...........



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