Join ICS-CERT on the US-CERT Secure Portal

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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Join ICS-CERT on the US-CERT Secure Portal

One of the best kept secrets in the critical infrastructure world is the existence of the US-CERT secure portal, a web-based platform that provides a mechanism for secure, unclassified information exchange between government agencies and the private sector asset owners and operators that comprise the nation’s critical infrastructure.

The portal includes many subcompartments for different stakeholder groups. Of those, the Control Systems Center (the CS compartment) is the place where ICS-CERT publishes sensitive but unclassified documents related to critical infrastructure cybersecurity (alerts, advisories).

The portal includes a library, secure messaging, and a number of other collaboration tools. The ICS-CERT organization makes significant use of both the Library area and the Secure Messaging system.


ICS-CERT regularly publishes advisories and alerts of special interest to ICS asset owners and operators to the portal Library. ICS-CERT maintains a portal library folder specifically for “Advisories and Reports” and another folder specifically for the ICS-CERT “Weekly Digest” product (only available through the portal Library).

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is particularly helpful for asset owners who want to transmit sensitive data to ICS-CERT, whether vulnerability- related or for incident-related analysis. ICS-CERT also uses the Secure Messaging system to notify all active CS compartment members when posting a new product to the Library and/or to the public website.

ICS-CERT encourages U.S. asset owners and operators to join the CS compartment of the US-CERT secure portal. Simply send an email message with your name, e-mail address, and company or agency affiliation to:


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