Taming the WWW or Wild Wild West

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jayson Wylie


There is a reason the security world refers to exploitation on the Internet to activity ‘in the wild’. A comparison can be made to the lawless, tough and unforgiving world of the Wild West in American history. 

A lot of movies, books and blogs glorify and recreate history to pose an adventurous world for those who could brave it. Truth was that the land was hard on a man and men were hard on the land… and probably women.

Being in or having a presence on the Internet can be just as risky as the exposure to the elements and environment of the wild wild west.  You can get your stuffz or scalp taken!

People sought law then and now so as to bring order to their lives. The tougher hombres and gangs needed a real posse to be rounded up in order to bring some semblance of order.

Some lessons can be learned today from then and applied to establish some sort of law and order on the Interwebs.

The Internet has a global presence for those wired and with gear, so there needs to be a global effort to contribute to the matters that would affect it. We all should have concerns.

A basic ‘moral’ law or code should be established for those having an ‘establishment’ or presence on the Internet, so everyone can feel safer venturing forward.

Having laws ain’t no good if you don’t have Lawmen! There will have to be some people appointed Marshall, Sheriff or ever Deputy for the towns and regions and I hope they survive the night.

I’m not going to recommend public hangings for the town’s people to observe, but there should be some jail time for those who decide to keep things wild an play shoot them up over a card game.

Laws and the expectations of behavior for those who have connections to others on the global affair that is this Cyberz, have a responsibility to uphold the true values and code that keep humans connected without the low voltage.

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