Security BSides Detroit Announces its June Schedule

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steven Fox, CISSP, QSA


Security BSides, a highly successful community-driven event built for and by information security community members, announces the 2012 event details for Detroit.

On June 1-2, 2012, Detroit will host the second annual conference at the GM Renaissance Center.  

The BSides conference is billed as a un-conference where practitioners go for clear unfiltered view of the industry. The conference features two tracks and thirty-two talks of local and national experts on a variety technical and non-technical subjects.

In addition, three keynote speakers have been announced:

  • Changing an Industry by Dave Kennedy is the penetration testing keynote. Kennedy is the author of several books such as Penetration Testers Guide.
  • House of Cards by Rafal Los is the security business keynote. Los is the Chief Security Evangelist for Hewlett-Packard Software.
  • Top Ten Web Defenses by Jim Manico is the application security keynote. Manico is the VP at WhiteHat Security and a committee chair for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

  Along with compelling track sessions, the event features four workshops:  

  • SecBiz Workshop - Bridging the Security/Business Gap offered by Rafal Los.
  • Forensics Challenge offered by Larry McDonald.
  • Introduction to MetaSploit offered by Georgia Weidman.
  • Pentest Basics with Armitage by John Moore.

Security BSides has always welcomed the security practitioners and researchers. However, the technology which enables our use of information is becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

Our approach to work, to social interactions – even to solitude – is touched by mobile and static devices whose workings are targeted by cyber miscreants. In response, BSides Detroit is reaching out to everyone who relies on the deep knowledge and experience of this community.  

This conference is offered to all participants free of charge. Ticket information and complete schedule is available at:

For questions and additional details, please contact the BSides Detroit organizers at 

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