Not Totally Sure What Just Happened...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ʞɔopuooq ʇuıɐs


Not totally sure what just happened, but damn it’s getting out of hand now...

The more folks that dance around the bonfire, the more folks is get burned’Unknown

Wow, what an interesting week eh? It started out as one thing and exploded into a totally crazy, conspiracy theory ridden pile of ….. nothing. Here’s how it went down.

Sometime on Sunday afternoon: I get in a Twitter DM conversation with @cubespherical AKA ‘Smedley Manning’ (nice name BTW). ‘Smeddles’  as I shall refer to him from now on, had before this point *seemed* to be a supporter.

But now he decided he had somehow got my true identity and even gave me ‘my name’ in afore mentioned conversation. He stated that he was going to raise money for Wikileaks (and himself) – and once his Bitcoin wallet hit 20K he would drop my dox.

So at this point I figured I have time to play his game, because I have to admit I found ‘Smeddles’ mildly amusing. It’s not the first time some chancer has tried to raise money using my questionably good name.

Holy crap! It escalated.

‘Smeddles’ then proceeded to release screengrabs of our banter and with ‘my name’ redacted showing me begging for mercy, well almost. He was very pleased with himself. So was I – but wondered how this was going to pan out.

My immediate thoughts were this was the work of super trolls @ShadowDXS and @Sanguinarious with possible help and/or influence from the ReaperSec crew who have been demonstrating their disdain for me for a while now. More on my own theory on who’s behind ‘Smeddles’ later.

Skip to Monday – by now the whole freaking world and his brother (it seemed) was all over this. ‘Smeddles’ reveling in ‘successfully outing’ me and huge amounts of people coming out of the woodwork to throw in their 2 cents worth.

As I watched the conspiracies mount – one of my favorites is that ‘Smeddles’ is in fact me, and I am cashing out or something, I decided to up the ante. I (probably stupidly in hindsight) unpublished all my blog posts and deactivated my twitter (now reactivated), to further lend credibility to ‘Smeddles’ claims.

This news exploded – and  as some folks danced on my grave, I decided I had the rare opportunity just to observe without getting involved. I saw numerous people who had previously tried to befriend me or get into my head were now, safe in the knowledge I was effectively ‘dead’, totally berating me and my previous exploits, denouncing me and more.

At this point I would like to thank the true loyal supporters and apologize for vanishing like I did.

Skip to Tuesday: Speculation and conjecture was relentless: I was actually thinking about re-emerging on this day but then ‘Smeddles’ changed the game. Prior to this he had made no mention of Anonymous or being affiliated with them, just that he was a supporter of #wikileaks.

But sometime Tuesday his profile picture suddenly grew the Anonymous Mask and his bio changed from his Bitcoin address to ‘We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion.’

A game changer. Even if this was a common troll, he just demonstrated that any fool can speak for and ‘as’ Anonymous.

So here’s the throwdown. ‘Smeddles’ drop my dox. Do it. You have proved and shown nothing. Only that you are completely failing. You have no bitcoins donated, you have shown 2 things to me, Anonymous have too many chiefs and not enough indians, and that your numbers, at least 9000 allegedly, combined have  0.00000001 bitcoins between them. Here is what you have so far. lol.

Either that or they were clever enough to realize you were full of it from the get go. As I have demonstrated and stated many times before, I will never ask the public for any money.

So all that’s left is my own theory on who’s behind this.

Skip to Today (Wednesday): a couple of things caught my attention with ‘Smeddles’ tweeting behavior. He suddenly became a little erratic and displayed avoidance tactics, but moreso….

and later:

Now I am not gonna say outright that this individual is or isn’t @johntiessen – but I am going to point to a few facts:

Not saying this is him here,  just making observations.  Again I will stress I will never ask for the public's money, I maybe should not have ridden this horse all the way down, and finally I apologize to the loyal ones – I now at least know exactly who you all are. Thank you.

To the rest, troll on. It’s been fun watching you. With no way to retort. Educational.

Baby bull: pop, lets say we run down this hill and do one of them there cows.
Papa bull: no son, lets walk down and do them all.

Sidenote: There’s alot of imposters now, I only speak in 3 places to keep that  in check. If you didn’t hear it on this blog, my twitter here, or from ‘th3j35t3r’ on #jester – you are talking to an imposter, it’s not me.



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