Infosec Isn't for You If...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ali-Reza Anghaie


A career in Infosec isn't for you if...

  • you click "OK" / "Continue" by reflex
  • you live in a constant state of fear
  • you aren't always refactoring systems in your head
  • you aren't capable of resisting the impulses of said refactoring
  • you like to have clear instructions on how best to do a given job
  • you think "I read your email" is a job perk
  • you look to place blame
  • you like sunrises and sunsets but don't like them back-to-back-to-back without sleep
  • you think it's OK not to be technical
  • you think Mandiant is a personal hygiene product
  • you're a "right" fighter - you cannot admit you're wrong
  • you refuse to understand Economics
  • you install every app - you open every attachment
  • your early field motivation is "Swordfish"
  • you believe Richard Clarke is "spot on"
  • you can't take harsh criticism
  • you think last year matters
  • you think saying "No" is your core job function
  • you believe Cyber "warfare" will end kinetic warfare
  • you Cyber-ize all the things
  • you agonize over mistakes instead of recovering
  • you expect appreciation when nothing happens
  • you actually believe "nothing" is happening
  • you search for obvious instead of truth
  • you are prone to jealousy

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