Free Power on the Grid?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jayson Wylie


I have usually felt that having open source exploitation and assessment tools have helped provide better security for organizations that keep systems exploitable by public code.

I have always known that sometimes the wrong people get the code and use it maliciously, but I am really not so sure about this ONE.

I believe Dark Reading provides valid news, but don’t really know how advanced or capable the talked about framework is to exploit specific models of Smart Meters.

The thing that really catches my attention is that this framework is being promoted to individuals and will allow direct connections, with a certain fiber standards, and I assume manipulation will be possible.

There are a lot of problems with the Smart Grid, but I don’t think that the consumers are the ones that have an interest in testing their own meters for holes to harden them.

I am really not sure that individual Smart Meters are currently being exploited to affect consumers in an adverse way that would require an initiative from the consumer level to improve the situation.

What this really reminds me off is a crime kit or service payment avoidance similar to jacking cable access with chips in the 90’s.

The old power meters had a little physical lock, and people usually checked them by hand and would notice the old trick of rolling back the counters.

The new smart meters are supposed to offer a little more automation, but with a ‘crime kit’ for the consumers to jack into there own meter and mess with it makes me think the real intent is for free access to power or modification of usage.

I would not have a problem with this if it were being offered exclusively to energy companies or the Department of Energy for testing.

It is in the nation’s best interest to keep the power infrastructure safe and keep the meters fool proof, but it really depends on how effective this tool is or future iterations to be able to effectively manipulate the technology to an individual’s own financial advantage.

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