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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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‘Never wrestle with pigs, you only get dirty, and the pig likes it.’  - Unknown

Okay, most of you are aware that for 12 months now I have been the subject of @asherahresearch (AKA Jennifer Emick’s) wild obsessions.

I have tried to keep my responses to her stupid to a minimum, and this post, hopefully will mark the end of any communications from me with her name in them.

If you have never heard of Ms Emick before consider yourself lucky. She is long known (since at least 2006) for causing drama on the internet in the form of latching on to anyone who she perceives as more prominent than herself, and then proceeds to troll the shit out of them, claiming she is ‘an investigator’ and working with FBI/other LEA’s – which we all know is total BS in order to make a name for herself, somehow. What a nuisance huh?

And I am not the only one she has targeted. This parody blog was created 13th August 2010 (long before she took a pop at myself) presumably by someone else she hounded or lied about in order to further her name, whatever the cost, in this case her cost will be high, her troll license is expired.

For more interesting viewpoints on Ms Emick you need only Google ‘Jennifer Emick Troll’ to get over 50,000 results going back years. << Everybody can’t be wrong, right?

So I have done my best to ignore her rantings, trying not to feed the trolls, unlike her I don’t have the time to put out over 100 tweets an hour shouting at anyone who will listen. Take a look at her/mine tweet ratio to see how difficult it has been to keep my responses to her diatribes at a minimum. .

Long story short:  A few days ago this unhinged fruit-loop insulted all 33K of my loyal followers, not ONCE, not TWICE, but THRICE no less. After 12 months of her shit, to start attacking my followers kinda pricked my ears up. The last time my ears got pricked up didn’t end well for who forced me to listen. More information here. .

So where am I going with this?

Well, Ms Emick recently upped her campaign against me, and created a whole blog post (I am not gonna link to it here, sorry) berating me, my methods and anything she could think of, although she can’t actually make her mind up about me. One minute I am a team of 3 people, next I am solo. One minute everything I ever did was faked and I’m a fraud, next minute I am going to jail. I know right? #confusing.

One of my many many valued supporters, and like the others, @render64 is neither fake, a bot or bought and paid for, has read her blog and kindly used intelligent analysis instead of rantings in order to expose deeply what’s really going on here. This is great for me because I don’t have the time or inclination to Ms Emick, as she appears to thrive on any kind of attention, be it positive or negative.

I have spoken to @render64, and asked him if I may cross-post here his original blog post from his site  – ‘The Last Stand’. The answer was yes, so here it is. I have inserted a couple of things to support Render's analysis and they are clearly marked in-line below.

I sincerely hope this will be the last time I, or any of my followers have to speak up against this #careertroll and humbly suggest after this we block her and disregard her very inconsistent and confused ravings. Just before we jump into @render64‘s excellent cross-post below, and I assure you it’s worth reading, I would like to point out that if anyone out there has been affected by trolls there is some great advice right here from ‘Mad Medic’ of the @ranger_up squad.

*   *   *

CROSS POST FROM ‘The Last Stand’ courtesy @render64 interjected with my (clearly marked) additions shall commence below, lets put this bullshit to bed huh? We have all got better things to be doing…. Legend: @asherahresearch = Black, @render64 = Red, Myself = Green - (don't miss final word on matter after ‘unsnip’)
. —snip .

Remember the termprojectionit will be very relevant to this post… .

Emick – “Early in 2010, a boisterous “Patriot hacker” appeared out of nowhere on social networking site Twitter, boasting about taking out Jihadi websites via Apache DOS.”

Render64 – The date of The Jester’s first public operation against Alemarah dot info was January 1, 2010 and that is indeed very early in 2010, since it is the very first day of the year. A competent researcher could look at the Jester’s Wikipage and clear up that time/date confusion very quickly. A truly skilled researcher would know that The Jester’s Twitter account was created on December 19, 2009. Perhaps the less then competent researcher can also provide some valid documentation that Jesters Xerxes tool is an Apache DOS?

Emick – “The Jester, as he called himself, was an instant hit among patriots, and garnered quite a bit of attention- especially when he turned his attentions to WikiLeaks in late 2010.”

Render64 – No shit Sherlock, The Jester targets enemies of the United States, this would tend to lead to some popularity among patriotic American citizens. WikiLeaks is relentlessly anti-American, anti-free speech, and pro-terrorist. Kinda like an awful lot of the people who follow Emick on Twitter.

Emick – “Around the same time, a Security consultant named Tom Ryan made a big splash with his (somewhat gimmicky) social media experiment, titled Robin Sage.”

Render64 – Actually, Tom Ryan began his Robin Sage Experiment on December 26, 2009. Again, a competent researcher could simply look at the Wiki page for the Robin Sage Experiment to clear up any time/date confusion.

Emick – “Robin Sage was an imaginary girl with an imaginary resume, who made friends in Security, Intel, and Government. It ended with a surprise at BlackHat and much embarrassment for the easily fooled.”

Render64 – It’s really bad when a single simple Wiki page has more useful information on a subject then somebody who claims to be a researcher. Projection, what exactly are Jennifer Emick’s resume and qualifications for the “work” that she claims to be doing right now?'

Emick – “The lesson of Robin Sage- don’t trust an attractive stranger who tells you what you want to hear. But even Tom, failing his own smell test, embraced the Jester and his claims.”

Render64 – I’ll leave the lesson of Robin Sage to the man who created and ran the experiment. And I will point out that Emick repeatedly, for over a year, accused that very same man, Tom Ryan, and many others, of actually being the Jester, without a single shred of valid proof. Just a very obvious stalking video secretly posted on YouTube and a lot of very twisted fantasies. .

Me – the video in question, filmed covertly and posted to YouTube by super-spy @asherahresearch (Emick) herself over 12 months ago, including awesome deranged description and comments can be viewed right here:

And that was over 12 months ago, obsessed much?

Emick – “The Jester, who is still a complete unknown to his followers, came on the scene with a British vocabulary…”

Render64 – Usage of slang from various nations is not an indicator of nationality, witness Sabu of LulzSec/Anonymous, a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, constantly using the term “mate” in on line conversation. It should be noted that Emick continuously harassed Sabu long after he had gone to work for the FBI. So who was Emick working for or with when she was targeting a confidential informant after June of 2011?

Emick – “…affiliations with the Anonymous hacktivist group…”

Render64 – Claiming that Jester has any direct affiliation with Anonymous will require some extremely valid proof, especially since both Anonymous and the Jester adamantly deny any such affiliations. There are only two times that Anonymous and Jester have shared the same directions on the same road for any length of time. One of those was Westboro Baptist Church, the other is the duo of Jennifer Emick and William Welna.

Emick – “…and dubious claims to be a US military vet.”

Render64 – Noting that Emick has repeatedly claimed that her own husband is a “combat vet” (only 1,280 Combat Infantry Badges’s (CIB) awarded for Somalia June 5, 1992 through March 31, 1994 and no public record of any Combat Action Ribbons (CAR) awarded to USMC between December 5, 1992 and March 31, 1994), and that Emick has already been caught openly lying about the military record of her former BacktraceSecurity partner, perhaps the question about Jesters military service is yet another form of projection from Emick?

Given that Emick does not know who the Jester is (every single attempt to identify The Jester has been wrong), perhaps she could provide some proof that he is not retired military, rather then more slander, lies, and innuendo? Perhaps she could also provide some sort of proof about her own husbands military service, such as a DD-214 form? After all, under US law, the burden of proof is on the accuser…

Emick – “Despite absolutely nothing adding up as it should, Jester managed to become the darling of a loyal following of American military folks, patriots, and many other decent people, all of whom took him strictly at face value.”

Render64 – The only things not adding up so far are Emick’s constantly changing lies and her rather loose, yet blindingly obvious connections with various terrorist groups, through her on line friend Talkoholic (E-girlfriend of Emick’s current crime partner William Welna), whose Twitter time line is a who’s who of Palestinian terrorist groups and their supporters. (Hamas, PFLP, ISM), and her own documented long time defense of domestic Islamic terrorists (see comment section).

Emick – “Everything, everything- is wrong with this character. He openly identifies with the cartoony, violent Batman villain “The Joker.” He posts threats toward the mildest of critics, is openly furious when the media dismisses or criticizes him, and is effusively warm to those who fawn over him.

Render64 – The Jesters two year record on line is considerably more right then Emick’s own long on line record of sowing drama and discord wherever she goes on the Internet. While he clearly finds some amusement in the comparison, The Jester is just as clearly not The Joker of Batman comics, in deeds or in words. We’ll need to see some evidence of these threats that Emick claims to “mild” critics of The Jester.

Emick – “He does not answer questions…”

Render64 – Yes he does, quite often, perhaps even a bit too often for proper OPSEC at times.

Emick – “…take interviews without pre-approved questions…”

Render64  – Yes he does, that’s very well documented, even if Emick’s Google-fu is unable to find those interviews on line.

Emick – “…or debate tactics.”

Render64 – Within the limitations of his own operational security, yes, he does, and has.

Emick – “He publicly engages other hacktivist groups…”

Render64 – Other hacktivist groups? Perhaps like Anonymous? Didn’t Emick just claim above that The Jester was actually affiliated with Anonymous, now they’re engaged against each other? Anonymous supported WikiLeaks, Jester used his Xerxes tool to take down WikiLeaks for a short yet critical period. It stands to reason that there would have been some sort of engagement to follow, which can hardly be called an affiliation by the normal positive definition of the word. Both Emick and Welna were Anonymous members, that isn’t even in dispute.

Emick – “…even claiming to be responsible for arrests…

Render64 – Please to show where The Jester has openly claimed to be solely responsible for any arrests, of anybody, at any time. Read that line very carefully for full comprehension before attempting to prove yet another negative.

Emick – “…while befriending others.”

Render64 – I think we’re quite safe in assuming here that Emick is slandering Kelly Hallissey, yet again. Readers are invited to scroll down this blog just a few posts to see where every single one of Emick’s slanders and acts of libel against Kelly Hallissey and many others were dispensed with in a 50 page monster of a post. A slightly shorter scroll will show just a tiny few of Emick’s very many contradictions and lies exposed (and I think that another, or several such are somewhat overdue).

Emick – “Many of his stunts involve excessive, macho one-upmanship, often against journalists, teenagers, or rival hacktivists.

Render64 – Given that Emick seems to have a considerable amount of spare time on her hands, (seriously, 100 tweets per hour?), one would think that she could have provided at least some examples of any of this. Speaking of stunts, when Emick’s relationship with Backtrace broke down she was fired by Hubris, after which Emick and her husband allegedly committed felony interstate financial fraud, using a local agent to change the company documentation of ownership to herself and her husband, reputedly in order to cash a $30,000 check for work done by Backtrace. In other words, Emick and her husband tried to cut out Backtrace’s real owner and all of its other employees from the only money the company ever made.

Me – I had a look at the State of Florida’s Public Records (so dont whine about this Emick – these are Public Records) and found supporting evidence to the above revelation by Render64:

The first document FULL VERSION HERE is dated 25th June 2012, it shows Emicks name on the LLC filings AFTER she was fired from BackTrace Security, the second  FULL VERSION HERE is dated 6th July 2012 and shows here once again being removed from the LLC filings 2 weeks later. (State of Florida Public Records). Hmmm ???

Emick – “It also became clear fairly early that Jester’s bombastic claims, over-the-top style, and indiscriminate bombing of websites…”

Render64  – Jester’s various forms of attack have hardly been indiscriminate, although mistakes have been made. Jester does and has apologized for those mistakes on several occasions. Emick has never once apologized for falsely accusing dozens of innocent people of crimes and actions that they did not commit.

Nor has Emick ever apologized for outright lying about what other people have said and written. Nor has Emick ever apologized for openly helping to expose several peoples personal information on line, making them targets for identity thieves, or worse, terrorist groups.

Emick screams blue bloody murder when somebody tweets a publicly available photo of her house, and has The Jester temporarily suspended from Twitter, but just over one month ago she was insisting that Welna’s tweeting a copyrighted photo of my mothers house was no big deal, not an implied threat or anything like that. Double-standard hypocrisy much?

Emick – …he could not even read…”

Render64 – Please to provide evidence that The Jester is incapable of reading, or having translated for him, the Arabic, Pashtu, or Urdu languages.

Emick – “…(several victims were American researchers, anti-Jihad sites, or random Arabic blogs)…”

Render64 – Beyond the early mistake with Scot Terban, who still holds a grudge despite a public apology, who might these other American researchers be? Because Emick’s partner William Welna does not count as a researcher, of any type. He should be researching what he’s going to look like in prison orange with a lawyer at this point.

Emick – “…were no real deterrent to Jihadis.”

Render64 – Islamic terrorists who lose one of their communication mediums will generally resort to other forms of communication, such as cell/sat phones, radios, and human couriers. Each of those forms of communication are much easier to intercept and analyze then on line communications are (obviously, since each of those forms of communication predates the Internet by quite some time).

This claim of Emick’s requires a bit more veracity, doesn’t it? For example, does this claim imply that Emick has been interviewing known Islamic terrorists? If so, has she reported the entire contents of those interviews to the relevant legal and intelligence authorities? Or is Emick just making up some more random feces to fling against the walls of her own house?

Emick – “Strangely, he has neber openly challenged any jihadis individually.”

Render64 – Normal people see The Jester’s own blog and his own Twitter time line as an open challenge to all Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists that are on line. That certain trolls and cyber-stalkers (that’s you Emick and Welna) get any attention at all from The Jester might just be indicative that there is more to them, their words, and deeds, then meets the eye.

Emick – “Experienced anti-terror experts…”

Render64 – Are we talking about the grudge bearing Scot Terban again?

Emick – “…pointed out numerous times that his reckless activities created chaos, disrupted intelligence gathering, and likely caused more damage to US interests than to Jihadis.”

Render64 – Doesn’t it seem strange that any of these “experienced anti-terror experts” would insist that the Taliban and al-Qaeda only have one form of communications, and that found only on the Internet? There are valid critiques of The Jester’s choice of targets and timing, but none of Emick’s complaints above are valid. Especially since The Jester is very far from the only one doing the kinds of counter-terror things that he does on line, he just happens to be one of the more visible individuals, hiding in plain sight, if you will.

Just to point out, once again, for the record, that Jennifer Emick has zero experience in and has never worked for any intelligence or sanctioned counter-terror operations. This time a little over two years ago she was an Anonymous member attacking the Church of Scientology and creating drama over leadership of a leaderless group of factions, cells, and lone wolves. This time four years ago Emick was a self-proclaimed “alternative religion expert” with a penchant for insinuating herself into local police investigations.

This time six years ago Emick was openly defending a pretty clear case of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome (Google up that term and Professor Daniel Pipes for a real, credentialed expert in the field of that religion). One does not become an expert in the many related fields of counter-terrorism by spending an hour or two randomly Googling for dirt on long time counter-terrorist individuals and groups.

Emick – “Consistently, Jester reacted to criticism with attacks, both verbal and digital- a number of American bloggers and security pros suffered attacks after raising his temper.”

Render64 – So, apparently The Jester is not allowed to answer his verbal critics with his own verbal defense? Even the nebulous Court of Public Opinion allows the accused a chance to defend himself from lies and baseless accusations. Note that Emick provides no proof of American bloggers being attacked? Scot Terbin would be the only “security pro” that would fit the description, and his apparent implication that Islamic terrorists only communicate through the web is rather strange, isn’t it?

I can name dozens of other counter-terror bloggers and security pros who openly recognize that The Jester is, after all, just a man (with certain skill sets), and like all men, is prone to mistakes. Following the current Terban school of thought, as Emick is blindly attempting to do, the British and Canadians are expected to declare endless total war upon the US, for all of those many USAF friendly fire incidents over the decades.

Emick has relentlessly and consistently stalked and harassed people she thought had any connects whatsoever to The Jester for well over a year now. The video evidence is stark and undeniable, as are her lying comments now added below that Youtube video. Emick has claimed that there is a second, hidden stalking video, but if she reveals it now, she only further confirms her long term pattern of interstate stalking.

Emick – “Those who dared point out inconsistencies, poor judgement, or deception were met with increasing fury- and harassment from his loyal followers.”

Render64 – All I did was ask Emick a simple question, in private, on the phone. Her only answer was for her and her partner Welna to go full retard in public on me, my family, my friends, and their families within 48 hours. Apparently Emick really did not want me asking that question or looking into the causes of the brief feud between Nachash of Doxbin/ED and The Jester, or the sources of the personal information of Jester followers that was dumped in public.

Emick – “I maintained my own distance for almost two years fearing the same backlash I witnessed unleashed on others.”

Render64  – Actually there are numerous logs showing that Emick spent a considerable amount of time in the Jester’s own 2600 IRC channel over the last two years. Instant messages of Emick’s, hacked by members of the UGNazi group and released on Pastebin, show that Emick was actually claiming to be “working” with Jester and some of his followers all during that exact same two year time frame.

After two years of “watching closely” perhaps a competent researcher would have discovered that the rare cases of such backlash are always defensive in nature? The record shows that valid critiques are met with honesty and apologies where due, (even if not accepted).

The record also shows that if you come at The Jester with lies, slander, trolling, and outright attacks on the people who are around him, you will probably not like the responses, especially if you and your partners in crime have skeleton or two that you are desperate to hide from view.

Emick – “I involved myself earlier this summer when close friends of the Jester launched a full scale harassment and smear campaign against a blogger and respected security researcher, William Welna…”

Render64 – No, Emick was stalking Tom Ryan, and falsely identifying him as being The Jester in August of 2011, again, there is stark and undeniable video evidence of this which is viewable in a previous post on this blog. Welna is not exactly a “blogger”, nor is he a respected anything, let alone security researcher. He is a self-admitted troll who repeatedly posts nudes of young women on line without their permission, among many very real other crimes implied within thousands of pages of of his own log files.

Emick – “…who wrote a humorous but scathing expose on one of Jester’s “hacking tools.”

Render64 – The only humor to be found in any of Welna’s exposes is that he’s now fully and completely exposed, to the entire Internet, as a complete and utter piece of feces well on his way towards becoming the property of some Aryan Brotherhood member.

Emick – “This tool, dubbed “Saladin,” was accepted as a reality by fans, followers, the media, and even Infosec at large. Turns out, it did not exist.”

Render64 – This is pure speculation, as The Jester has yet to release exactly what his Saladin tool is or does. If nothing else, something must exist, since there is evidence of something being used. I note that when I posted my own speculations about The Jester’s Saladin tool (on this very blog), Emick and Welna assumed that my own opinion was a personal attack on them, in spite of their names not being mentioned any where in that opinion.

That post of mine was, in fact, aimed at Scot Terban (drop the grudge, regain the respect) and Packetknife (who provided a textbook perfect example of a valid critique to and of The Jester), both of whom had their own posts on the subject at that time.

Emick – “The fans ignored the post.”

Render64 – No kidding, imagine that, The Jesters fans and friends ignored Little Willie? It was beneath contempt, pointless trolling, and poorly researched innuendo, which does tend to get ignored, even by those with valid criticisms.

Emick – “The media blew it off.”

Render64 – Why would the media be the slightest bit interested in the poorly written ravings of a troll and an on line stalker with a long history of creating Internet drama wherever she goes?

Emick – “Jester found himself suddenly dealing with a large, ridiculous, and phony “war” with a non-existent enemy.”

Render64 – Except that it was Welna who engineered the entire feud between The Jester and Nachash of Doxbin/ED, wasn’t it? Using each as his personal army against the other, and himself contributing greatly to the mass personal information drop of Jesters friends and followers, which strangely included Emick herself, and led directly to my asking Emick about Welna’s two year old connections to Nachash of Doxbin/ED.

Except that it was the very obviously Jew hating William Welna, who at Emick’s direction, attacked my family and posted a photo of my mothers house (Isn’t that a Twitter TOS violation, why I do believe that it is…at least according to Emick this month).

Emick – “Once the noise had died down, Mr. Welna was subjected to a harassment campaign the likes of which i have never seen.”

Render64 – This war isn’t phony, the “noise” has not died down, and this campaign will not be over, until the two of them (Emick and Welna) have answered before a court of law for at least some of their many crimes. In short, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Emick and Welna might have been better off if I really was The Jester, or had ever written a single word for The Jesters blog (that’s a new one), or Kelly Hallissey had ever had possession of The Jesters PGP key (neither one of us have or use PGP in any variation or version). Emick and Welna’s long and very well documented campaign of on line stalking, harassment and e-thuggery will come to an end.

Emick – “He was a ccused of being a pedophile, a rapist, a secret terrorist…”

Render64 – 1: Only if one chooses to quibble about the ages of the young women whose nudes he posted around the Internet without their permission. 2: Really? Where did that come from? Did a goat or chicken complain about three-inch Willie? Would a goat even know he was back there? 3: Welna’s current e-relationship with Talkoholic is pretty well known among those poor souls unfortunate enough to have crossed his path. Talkoholic’s Twitter follow list, time line, and own blog, is a who’s who of Palestinian terrorist groups and their supporters.

Emick – “…His private life was picked apart…”

Render64 – Maybe he shouldn’t have so badly wronged so very many people in such a short space of time? Maybe he finally picked the very worst people to attack? Maybe, somewhere in the back of his twisted mind, he really wishes that you hadn’t lied to him about what I said and asked?

Emick – “…his computer stolen and its contents dumped on the internet…”

Render64 – No, it was not stolen. That computer was abandoned property. Welna had over a year to retrieve it from where it was left on somebody else’s property. Has it been reported as stolen yet?

Emick – “…his email accounts broken into.”

Render64 – Yeah, that Pastebin containing Welna’s passwords is a non-stop litany of racism and open Jew hatred from Little Willie. Apparently so are most of Welna’s log files themselves…

Emick – “When I spoke up for him (Welna), I was subjected to the same treatment…”

Render64  – Most sane, decent people are currently trying to figure what exactly about William Welna is actually defensible at this point. Emick has been under sustained attack by Anonymous ever since she started massive drama with Anonymous/WhyWeProtest in 2010, those attacks escalated when Emick took credit for publicly posting the name and location of LulzSec leader Sabu, and escalated further while Emick was openly harassing Sabu long after the FBI had cut a cooperation deal with him (smells like interference of LE to me).

Emick – “Fortunately, I have been very public about my opposition to criminals…”

Render64 – All while privately Emick has been consorting with numerous criminals, including William Welna and the mysterious “Wise.” One wonders if Emick even reported that crime that “Wise” committed right before her eyes on the ReaperSec IRC, or if she withheld that little bit of information, since she was right there helping Wise, Welna, and some ReaperSec members/friends to hunt down and release the private information of an innocent woman. (that’s criminal conspiracy and conspiring to commit right there folks).

Emick – “…especially those who run in mobs and target innocents…”

Render64  – The mobs that Emick sees are all of the very angry innocents and not so innocents who are sick and tired of Emick and Welna stalking, fail doxing, and e-thugging around the Internet, either for money, as Emick sometimes claims and then denies, or just out of poorly educated general hatred for most of the rest of humanity and common decency, as Welna’s own logs so brilliantly demonstrate.

Emick – “…so accusations were much easier for me to brush off.”

Render64 – Emick brushed off nothing, that 50 page monster refuting each of her lies is still down there just a little ways on this very bloglet. Emick did block an awful lot of people who pointed out her many inconsistencies and lies though.

Emick – “I too, had people calling employers, attempting (once successfully) to break into my email and other accounts, threats of violence, threats against my children, my friends, and anyone who spoke up about the incident.”

Render64 – And almost every single one of those incidents happened back in 2010 and 2011, when Emick was at war with Anonymous, at least some of those incidents appear in the logs of her own partner William Welna, who was apparently directly involved in at least some of those very incidents. The more recent attacks, including the hack of Emick’s e-mail among others, seem to stem almost entirely from the UGNazi group, who Emick appears to be in almost daily contact with.

Emick – “The relentless harassment, smears, and accusations were bad enough to involve law enforcement, something that was never necessary with my Anonymous/occupy detractors.”

Render64 – Ok, so either Emick has been “involved” with law enforcement, related directly to Anonymous/OWS for at least two years. Or Emick is now admitting that she had nothing to do with the arrest of Sabu, in spite of her extremely public and many claims to the contrary since March 6, 2012. Law Enforcement is already involved, but certainly not in any way that Emick will like. Filing false criminal reports is a felony, among many other felonies now resting at the feet of both Emick and Welna.

Emick – “Jester has continued his loud campaign…”

Render64 – As if Emick’s pathetic ankle biting and relentless stalking of innocents is going to distract The Jester very much from his often stated mission?

Emick – “…which now includes fanciful accounts of his detractors as a secret cabal of terrorist hackers…”

Render64 – I don’t think Jester actually said those words, I wonder why Emick couldn’t provide a link or screen shot of that with all her other poorly analyzed screen shots? I’ll say it though, Emick has attracted a small collection, of not so secret, criminal hacker types around her.

Emick – “…rather than concerned Americans, former supporters, and folks with comment sense and caution.”

Render64 – Half a dozen or so (at best) e-thugs (regardless of nationality), veracity challenged concern trolls, and sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome do not a cabal make. “Comment sense” um ok…editors nightmare.

Emick – “He relentlessly continues a campaign of imaginary attacks on Jihadis who have never noticed his existence…”

Render64 – Once again, where is Emick’s documented and verified proof of such? Which Islamic terrorists has she interviewed? Which Islamic terrorist groups is she talking about? Does she even know the minor differences between TTP and LeT, much less who they are? Does Emick speak Arabic, Urdu, or Pashto?

Emick – “…and his fans continue to support- wholeheartedly- a non-existent ghost.”

Render64  – Jester is still attacking the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Emick is still attacking the Jester, and missing her target repeatedly. Draw the appropriate conclusions from what can only be blindly obvious at this point.

Emick – “Everything about the individual is wrong.”

Render64 – Ah, the powers of projection (remember way up at the top of this post when I said to remember this?). Does Emick have any mirrors in her house? Does she even show up in a mirror? Everything about Emick’s conclusions and analysis is wrong, but what else to expect from somebody that claims to be an alternative religion expert, pretending to be an FBI consultant, while stalking people in real life, filing false criminal reports, and hanging out with criminal hackers and e-thugs?

Emick – “Nothing gels, nothing makes sense, nothing is consistent. But it seems nothing is as powerful as the will to believe.”

Render64  – I know, its really tough to fully grasp all of the intricacies of a world wide war that has been raging since 9-11-2001 and smoldering since 1979, especially after only just learning about it all in the last six months or so. Speaking of things that do not gel, either The Jester is fake who has never done anything, as Emick and Welna keep insisting, but on the other hand they also insist that The Jester is interfering with Law Enforcement and going to jail. Which is it?

Emick – “I wonder what the lesson will be, and if we can bear it?”

Render64 – I can answer that for Emick. The lesson will be stop screwing with innocent people, stop stalking people in real life, stop pretending to be a “security researcher” or anything else to do with anything in the counter-terrorist, military, or law enforcement fields. Stop trying to infiltrate the right-wing bloggers (they all already know who and what you are). Get a real job, get another hobby, before you get somebody hurt or killed. You are so incapable of self-examination that you can’t grasp that the reason you are despised is because you are ridiculous, unqualified, arrogant, offensive and downright unpleasant.

The State of Michigan has some fairly strict legal requirements for a private investigators license, has Emick, or her husband ever even applied for that license? Are either of them even legally qualified for a Michigan state PI license? No…

Allowing yet another one of Emick’s very many victims to borrow some space here on The Last Stand. . Ms. Emick, I invite you to cite your credentials. What is your education – highest degree achieved? What training do you have in investigation methodologies? What is your academic or career experience in the fields of Information Security, Intelligence, or Counter Terrorism?

The only “achievement” anyone can find in your public resume is a self published book on Celtic Symbolism – a subject that has been covered to exhaustion for decades before your work – and your work appears to be merely a compilation of known findings.

Please, enough about Jester. Tells us about you and why anyone should regard your “ops” or investigations of other people as anything but the bored rantings of an unqualified, unemployed housewife with nothing better to do except butt into things she doesn’t understand?

So go on. Tell us about your career, Jen.Or don’t tell us, just go the frak away…Get off of the Internet and spend some quality time with a defense lawyer, you’re probably going to need it soon. . —unsnip .

*   *   *

Okay this is me again, I know it’s been a long read, glad I didn’t have to put it together (thanks @render64) – I hope this can now end this trolls reign of fail, again I urge everyone to block and disregard @asherahresearch (Emick), unless of course they are LEA and looking to pull her sorry ass in. .

How do I feel about her personally, well I think this video sums it up, so try to go easy on her, even though she doesn’t deserve any mercy, remember she’s a career troll and she can’t help it.

Goodbye Ms Emick, your license to troll me has expired.



Cross-posted from Jester's Court

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Xander Cage Ms Emick, you are making the infosec world a living hell as appear everywhere. Please stop putting a play on words and show us evidence of your accusations. You claim someone called CPS on you, but what was the reason for the investigation? Has this impacted BackTrace's or Ashera Research's PI License? In the state of Michigan they have very strict Private Investigator laws. That information can be found here: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(avyq223qm2jbu145bh5dzf2a))/mileg.aspx?page=GetObject&objectname=mcl-act-285-of-1965

Who commisioned you to research into Anonymous?
Who commisioned you to research into th3j35t3r?

The gibberish on your blog about Mr Ryan being the Jester is quite comical. Have you ever spoke to Mr Ryan in real life? I spoke with him last year at The International Spy Museum. He gave a talk about his Robin Sage Experiment and at that time he had little to no Jihadi experience. No recently a video that was posted on Render64's blog of you stalking Mr Ryan, what was your reasoning? Did you have a crush on him? He's not that sexy so that can't be the reason behind it.

You associate yourself with criminals like Sanginarious and trolls like ShadowDXS because it makes you feel superior. They have no mind of their own. ShadowDXS proved that with his blog and digg for you yesterday. Your connections with Sanguinarious and RevMagdallen are part of your strange occult fixations and love for Jihadi sympathizers. This has been proven over time and time again. http://goo.gl/X8cLa & http://goo.gl/LNBNi

Meeting an FBI Agent at a DEFCON does not make you a CI. Truth be told, most CI's are never known and you outright bragging about d0xing someone and turning them into the FBI for your efame and glory makes you the scummiest thing on the planet.

Mr Terban, why would you associate yourself with a person like Ms Emick? Wouldn't she be an unaccepted risk in your line of work?

- Peace

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