The Day I Was Erased Digitally

Friday, August 17, 2012

Theresa Payton


It’s everyone’s worst night nightmare - everything digital in your life gets wiped out.  Your phone, your computer, your tablet, every email address, social network profile. 

For a minute, you may fantasize and say “that could be fun!” But then you realize there would be nothing funny about losing all that access because someone is in all of your devices and accounts. 

This is not a sci-fi movie either.  It really does happen, and most of you probably didn’t know that even techies and security experts worry about this happening to them.  

This case was a tragic case and unprecedented but cyber security expert Theresa Payton talks about how this can happen to anyone and some tips to stay a little safer online.


1.  LINKING ACCOUNTS:  It’s convenient but if someone compromises one account, they are into everything

2.  PRIVACY SETTINGS AND SECURITY SETTINGS:  Look for additional features such as hiding your email address, or secure signons that take an extra step

3.  BACK UP FILES:  Just in case this happens to you, back up your files and not just to the cloud.  Consider an external drive.

4.  KNOW YOUR OPTIONS:  Look up all your favorite accounts NOW before you are hacked to find out who you call or email during an issue; have those on hand in case the worst happens

5. CLOUD AND LOCATOR OPTIONS:  They actually got to his devices through the cloud and locator options; just a word of caution when you use those services that they could be used against you! 

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