Scot Terban ISC2 Board Candidacy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Ok, so after a flurry of tweets about the candidacy of others, my name got thrown in there like so much pasta being chucked at a wall.

Well, it stuck in my case and I decided to run. I am not promising much but what I do promise is this:

“I plan to be me, which is to say the same bastard unafraid to say what he thinks and to call bulls**t where I see it.”


So, if you think that I can get in there and stir up some trouble, and maybe make some changes then VOTE FOR ME in this petition.

If not, then at least vote for @jadedsecurity or @indi303 or @gattaca because, even though we are now labeled the “Four Horsemen of the INFOSEC Apocalypse” *catchy huh? Thanks JAVVAD!* I suspect that any one of us could stir some stuff up.

In the end... Quit your frakin out there and do something about it. VOTE!


Dr. Krypt3ia

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