Four Horsemen of the Infosec Apocalypse and the Freak Power Ticket

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Infosec Island Admin


Well, the time came and the time went for us all to get 1% of the CISSP’s of the world to sign our petitions to be in the race for the BoD of ISC(2).

It seems that two of the four horsemen made it in (Dave and Chris) so congrats to them and well wishes on the next leg of this epic journey…

That of getting “elected” Which also may be another fun exercise in the secret language and rules of ISC(2) as well. I swear at times it’s like trying to discern the real motives and mores of Skull and Bones more than some governance group for INFOSEC peeps I tell ya.

Anywho, I managed to get about 300+ sigs in the end and to all of you who sent me emails of support, I thank you. It was fun trying this, albeit I didn’t really lobby much here or “press the flesh” as they say *heh*.

Maybe next time around I will let Javvad run my campaign for me, cuz, well, he’s a master of deception.. Uhh.. I mean, a good political mover and shaker... Yeah, that…

Though, all of this will be tempered by what happens next for Dave and Chris. Will they be able to penetrate the old boy network? Will they be able to, once ensconced in the ISC(2) inner sanctum, make any kinds of change that would make the CISSP more meaningful?

Time will tell my friends…

Though, from experience thus far I am not holding out too much hope on this... After all, Skull and Bones has been around for a long time and no one has leaked their inmost secrets.. CISSP and ISC(2) may remain the same. I just wonder where all the money goes…

Don’t you?

Let’s see how the election goes… Maybe there’ll be a bloody coup!


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